NHL thread

IT’s gonna be one of “those” playoff series where it comes down to game 7 I fear

Yeah, I reckon it will.

BTW, Lindholm has had a decent playoff series from what I’ve seen.

Avs win 5-3 in Dallas

Never thought the Rangers/Hurricanes series would go to 7.

Still might not
3-3 now

4-3 now after a natural hattie from Kreider

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Wow. Insane.

One of the all time bottle jobs. The Canes went all chips in and failed so someone has to pay a heavy price

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Crazy p3, Canes up by 2 and then let Rangers score 4-0

What a disaster for Canes, now out of playoffs

This was pretty cool by them though earlier. Didn’t help in the end

Video snip here




Late winner for the ‘Nucks

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Hell of a series in Canada. A single goal deciding every game.


would have been interesting to see how they called it if the goal had actually gone in off Pettersson’s skate.

Probably best that it didn’t.

Suck sh*t Oilers.

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Fkn concur.

What a goal to win it!
Always a good day when Boston are eliminated

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Controversy in Denver
Dallas look to have scored the winner in OT but ruled no goal. looks like a good goal to me but was called a no goal on ice so they stick with that


Rough. It wasn’t an obvious GI, not sure how the ref called it

Had it of been good goal call and even if reviewed surely stood

Stars all over the Avs though, Georgiev dialled in so far

This is all pretty tense.

Yeah, GI was initiated by the Avs player Makar. Goal would have stood if given a good goal on ice

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And the Stars do win it anyway