Nicknames for unborn children

So… I am just wondering what people call the gestating little one that’s going to extend their family before they know what gender/name it will be.

I’ve heard a couple, like nugget or gelfling, but I am interested in collecting a bunch more.

And you guys can be quite creative…

We nick named ours Fergus the foetus, had a feeling he was going to be a boy, and when he was born, I was surprised that it was hard to stop calling him Fergus. You do bond before they are born if you are paying attention.

Pip and then Titch

Irish mate called his the little bollix. Still does, and the kid’s about 23-24.

My youngest sister was Sep, short for septimus…the seventh.


We called ours Kiki, coz she kicked a lot and we sort of didn’t mind the name.

After the little one arrived we were surprised to find he was a boy - not a girl as our paediatricians had assured us. Interestingly enough he loves kicking balls around, and could do so way before he was supposed to have developed such dexterity.

Me: “What do you want to do today?”
Him: “Kick, ball, park!”

Ours was Horace.
Not my Idea
but wanted a name we definitely wouldn’t want to keep, and or get too attached too if something bad happened…
And we were told it was going to be a boy.


the love bug

Our first was Cleatus the Fetus. Can’t even remember what name we used for our second. Typical.


Cause I kept going around the house loudly pronouncing:

“Luke…I Am Your Father”


Even once we knew it was a girl.

We’d always had a running joke that we’d name our first Rudiger Danger the First so it was an obvious bump name.

At the first scan we found out our first was supposed to be a boy so we called him Mr Bump. He still loves his Mr Bump soft toy.


You could call it “Stretch” … short for Stretcher … :wink:

Our first was Cleatus the Fetus. Can't even remember what name we used for our second. Typical.

Feeto ??

Sprog the bounty hunter

I personally called mine the romance killer or money pit as you will be paying for it the next 18+ years.

Missus called ours: Grub

I heard someone came up with mogwai for theirs recently… I guess they don’t plan on any feeds after midnight.