Nino’s Soapbox

Come on @Finding_Nino . Just imagine that when you’ve posted your first message that you’ll be joining the elite group of Blitzers who have been banned and then returned to the welcoming cheers of the common throng.

I just want blitz to know that I voted to not suspend Nino, the decision was NOT unanimous


NINO was suspended but not to capacity

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Nearly an hour in, and still no appearance.

Respected Blitz poster Saucy may be on the money here…

Nino, on account of having more time on his hands, has become far more productive and successful, and therefore more attractive to prospective partners.
He has likely met a ‘nice Italian girl’ who looks like Monica Bellucci.
After consuming a little too much vino last night, they embarked on a vigorous session of horizontal dancing.

Probably too fatigued now to post on the Blitz !


@Finding_Nino where the ■■■■ are you?

Great minds think alike!

Nino clearly has cult like status, like it or not.

p.s. Hope this thread lasts longer…

Hobbs making it all about himself.
Showing disunity.
mods plz ban.



Nino will come back. Nothings more certain.

So, it looks like Nino finally got that f/t job in the shop that sells WWE and old school wrestlemania figures. Great, he’ll be so much happier doing that.

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That’s our nino!


He’s busy showing Scott around the Hangar to test the spongy floors

“The most sh*t”?…

I reckon he’s actually extolling the merits of not permitting coast to coast goals directly to Scott himself over a nice coffee at the hangar.

This club is cursed…

Where’s Nino???

I hope the coffee at the Hangar has improved it was terrible there for a while. Yes he’s walking around the spongy floors then he has a whiteboard setup “stop coast to coast goals” he’s then got a presentation on “fitness and conditioning” ……it’ll be a busy morning at the Hangar

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It appears @Finding_Nino in making us live up to his user name.



@Finding_Nino where the ■■■■ you at