Non Essendon Footy Fest 2.0

Starts Thursday straight after our game against the Dawks

The last one broke me mentally, this one should finish me off.



Wait till the AFL does this every year. They’re already promoting it as “big bash style”. They love it. This is what they’ve wanted to do for years.

No ‘rounds’, shorter games, longer ad breaks, football on a Tuesday night.


hard enough to keep track of when essendon are playing let alone watch any other football.

What will @scotty21 look like after 20 days of consecutive nuggets is more interesting. :joy:


I think they’ll go Thursday to Monday at least for the first “normal” season. Everyone is on board with it now because you can’t go anyway, but who wants to go and watch North v Adelaide on a Wednesday night?

I think what will come out of it is they will only lock in the first 8-10 rounds of a season and then see how the teams sit to determine the fixture times/slots for the remaining games after the mid season byes.

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I think less teams, larger lists and shorter games to allow a proper season where every club plays another home and away would be good for football. If that means footy every day then so be it.

Have to have less teams though to improve the standard of play. That or trial 16 a side.
Less clubs = more revenue per club…
More games = more revenue from TV rights.
Fairer competition. (after a generation of players)

Potentially less players(i think bigger lists needed to sustainably have a longer season)
Less support staff.
Loss of some clubs and everything that goes with it.

Id argue that Brisbane was never a decent effort as the bears. They needed Fitzroy. And Sydney still benefit from their Souths heritage.

The Giants and Suns have no heritage. Surely a tempting option for a bankrupt vic club. Especially considering the super playing lists they would build post merge. Would be like the Lions all over again.

I wonder what older Fitzroy fans think now .

200 (1)

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Balta kneed Kennedy in the head taking a mark.

Kennedy is cooked

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WCE vs the Olympic diving team. Shuey v Grimes should be interesting.

Hope McGovern twats Lynch

Hope wc pump the tigers

Helps us!! Kennedy in doubt.

Plus Nic Nat. There was debate if they’d rest him for this match. With a 5 day turnaround, he’d have to be in doubt too.

Jesus the umps love Richmond

Draper will sort him out if not

Castagna’s just done a full, 360 degree pirouette after a defender made some slight, routine contact after he took a mark.

They are gross to watch.

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Karma severs Grimey’s hamstring


Grimes hammy

Looks like god sorted him out given the AFL tribunal refused


■■■■ me that was holding