Non Essendon Pre Season Games

Melbourne are rinsing North
■■■■ Carlton leading St Kilda by 2 and bit goals

Melbourne have guns on every line, if they fire they win the comp again, don’t see others matching them.

Lol Norf


Melb 57 North 17 late 2nd
FC 60 StK 45 3/4 Time

Apart from us you mean


Cerra is apparently having a good game.

This Carlton Saints game is of a really low standard.
Mis kicks and skill errors galore.


■■■■ you Adam Saad.


LOL just as i typed that Saad suicide handballed the another Carlton player who got crunched.

I love it.


Not doubt Demons will be there abouts again but they are playing North

Also Saints look like rubbish I don’t see them doing much this year we should belt them next week

He’s working to bring them down from within. Like.

Well the game before this they kicked 15 goals in 25 minutes to win the flag.

Melbourne the team to beat but I’m waiting to see how they go now that they are the hunted

FC nearly ■■■■ it up but hold on 67-60.

Sounded like a putrid game

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Well into the 3rd. North with a grand total of 2.5

Fark carlton


I know they are playing the reigning premiers but you would have be concerned with the effort North have put in if you were a North fan. getting flogged in a practice game is not a good sign imo

Final score 132-44.

Very concerning signs for North

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Didn’t the Saints (?) do them by 100 last pre season?

The race for the wooden spoon is going to be one of the most intriguing aspects of the 2022 season.

Can the Roos go back-to-back? There’s going to be some stiff competition in the form of the Kingless Suns. I’m not about to write off the Hawks, either, after their sloppy shart of an off-season. Collingwood aren’t far off and will be relying heavily on a bunch of teenagers to avoid another bottom-two finish.

Could another contender emerge from the ranks? We all know what a basket case St Kilda is. Maybe Fark Carlton picks up a key injury or two and retreats back to their comfort zone at the bottom of the ladder.

Only time will tell…


North are another huge chance for the wooden spoon this year. They’re thin all over the ground