Nrl 2014



NRL kicks off tonight.  Will dull the pain between the cricket finishing and real footy starting.

Bunnies will break my heart again, I’m sure

Bunnies will break my heart again, I'm sure

As the Eels have done to me for an eternity

Rare to see a penalty try awarded but if one is to be given...that was it.



GI with a hat trick. Happy days

And SBW on report!

Anyone else watch the NRL footy show.

Erin is looking as stunning as ever

Anyone else watch the NRL footy show.
Erin is looking as stunning as ever

Plain as.

Awesome come back by the storm. Not easy to come from 20 down and win at brooky(with no cronk). The scum in the crowd would have been at their filthy best

Freeging gave up at 20-0.  



Fantastic start to the season by the Eels smashing the Warriors. Did the same thing in round 1 to them last year and look how that panned out. Big game against the ■■■■■ Saturday night

Good work by the Storm!

Was disappointing to see us get down to 20-0 down but you can’t help but be impressed by the players endeavour and heart to fight back.

Looking forward to going to ANZAC Day and seeing the Dons smash the filth and then wondering over to AAMI and watching the boys play.

Really hoping Smith doesn’t leave to go back up north though, very important player for us and was a big part in that comeback the other night.

Smith signed for 4

Great Win by the Storm..what a great comeback

Smith signed for 4

Right you are, excellent news!

One of the most important signings for the Storm, keeping him means they keep most players and maintain a stable team roster.

Smith is a gun, glad he is staying

Come on Bunnies, lets see you beat the silvertails. Beat both the grand finalists in the first 2 weeks...#SSTID

Too many errors in the first half. Nobody to blame but themselves. Sigh.