Nrl 2018


He was a freak in the second half.


Great kicking game. Suli was a man possessed


Maloney just got buried. Tackle of the season


Screw Broncos ans screw Bennett, season over.


48-18 Dragons in Brisbane. Will play the Bunnies next week…maybe without the two Poms, James Graham and Gareth Widdop.

Graham against the Burgess brothers would be epic.


EAD Groncos


I get so much satifaction watching the broncos lose.


Yep, that and seeing big mouth FIGJAM Bennett lose as well.


Souths facing a little extra scrutiny this morning. Footy players thinking in this day and age they can get away with that sort of ■■■■


Big comeback from the Panthers, down 18-2 at half time, now 20-20.


NRL players are some of the dumbest people in Australia.


Whispers that Sam Burgess is one of the players.


His FB Messenger account was used apparently.


Cam Smith signed up for 2019. Will be his 18th season with the Storm & he should become the first player to reach 400 games. What a gun!


What he do?


You serious?

If so then live slong streaming to a girl


As you do


12-12 with just over a minute to go.

13-12 Bunnies with 15 seconds to go. Reynolds has kicked 3 field goals in the last 10 minutes.

All over.


Sorry for the illiterate AFL fan but that last play by the dragon WTF??? Why not just kick for touch and get them to restart 90m from goal?


Hardly a recommendation for the drop kick. Second and third travelled like a torpedo. All three straight down the hi-diddle-diddle…unlike Hunt’s FG attempt which slewed wide.