Nrl 2018


Good, not great.
I feel like people who expect NQ to do well this year are going to be disappointed.

And I feel like the Storm have a complete demolition in them.
50+ margin.
It just needs to come together for them.

Call me crazy, but I think they have a better team than last year.
It feels like any player can score.
And when the opposition gets to the ten there is zero stress.


Reckon the Storm will just get better as the year goes on. Croft will improve


NQ have no attack and some of the plays off JT are bog standard ordinary. Maybe they need a while to get back to their best but they struggle with breaking the lines - however they were playing a very good defensive unit. Storm monstered them until they cracked and the score was a reflection of the class and coaching of Storm. Even big Sam K looks like he is fit unlike his days with Canterbury.


Would not mind Jack’s in there at some stage. Croft may need rests


Betts with the Sheppard


How grubby are the Sharks


Might need Cronk back


Refs are totally out of control


Penalty count is extraordinary. NRL is killing it’s own product


For once I agree with Gus.


essinstorm turned up, didn’t look like winning at any point.

well, it’ll be an interesting week with the refs, that’s for sure.


Well this should boost GWS crowd numbers.

What a load of turd.


There are parts of the crackdown I agree with and will ultimately lead to better rugby. Especially cleaning up the 10 metres but right now the game is almost unwatchable


Terrible effort by the Storm thou.


Cronulla niggled Storm then Storm took on the refs ffs. They are a better side than that as Bellamy said after the game. 33 penalties is a joke which leaves bugger all playing time which stuffed the game - it was very hard to watch. However Warriors/Dragons on top and Wests in the top four. Bizarre!


Brodie Croft is having just about the worst game I’ve ever seen anyone have in the NRL.


Time for a rest. Jacks in next week


West Tigers might be about to emulate the AFL Tigers of 2017. Manly cooked, Parra shot, Bulldogs plus Cowdies plus Broncs done - the rest can battle it out!


That’s the best flaming try Storm have scored this year. First time we’ve looked fluent in a bit of offence.


Go Storm!