NRL 2019

STORM lost Then Won Then Lost…Lets Win it all again!

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Storm started well against the Broncos - should be further ahead tha 10-0.

Sharp start from the Storm but second half will be interesting

Solid win in the end but a couple of shaky tries given up in the second half.

Still got the job done without much fuss.

Should of been 16-0 - Didn’t put them away.

Still happy with the win, they looked good in patches…Munster is our best player now. Hughes stepped in nicely

Some good hits last night.

Cronulla down 14-8 in Newcastle with a little over a minute to go.

Cronulla on their second tackle and Gallen drops the ball. A tragic end…not!

Bunnies up 24-12 over the Roosters with a kick to come and 11.30 to go.

Reynolds with some precise kicking.

Edit…26-12 and the Roosters aren’t gruntled.

Edit…finished 26-16

If some of the hits they highlighted in the brisbane news sports segment were in the Afl there would be a few blokes sitting out the season.

Just caught up with Friday Nights replay.

Nice Rabbits, … very, very nice.bunny

Bennys’ Bunnies??

Based on that start, my apprehensions are diminishing.

Only round 1 but just happy for any win. Not expecting much from the Eels as usual though

Souths currently kicking Dragon Arsse. Up 28 - 12.

Bennet is a good fit, and an astute choice. Always commands respect on his record, and it’s just what our extremely talented but ego riddled squad needed. They are now disciplined, humble, and assured.

Heading in for another… Burgess, … GOT IT!

32 - 12, … soon to be 34.

Vunivalu hat-trick inside half an hour in Canberra.

Storm 14-0 with a (difficult) kick to come…and hits the upright.

Ended 22-10 Storm.

We should have had Jim Morrison commentating for Raiders on the Storm.



Suli on fire when they give it to him.
Having Chambers inside of his wing has been his downfall. Chambers never passes the ball

Storm back in this now.

Tough game but good win for Storm in the end.

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Can’t believe they got over the line, tough hard fought win that one.

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Comms jinxed the dogs field kicker bad on that field goal attempt. :joy:

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