NRL 2022

Storm having a lot of players poached for this season and next. Gonna be tough…Big Nelson thou is on board after originally not wanting the Jab.

Go Storm

The next two years will be Bellamy’s biggest challenge. Somehow reckon he’ll get it done.


Kenny off to the Dolphins after this year as well

Has there been any player that’s improved after leaving the Storm?

Tino just got named Captain of the Titans.

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I forget the titans exist. That’s good for him

Hoping the Raiders bounce back from what was a calamity of a season last year. Fogerty in can hopefully allow Wighton to get back to the level he was at before last year.

Storm took a while to get moving. I like Coates

Storm try to put the game away

They also suffered a few injuries, a couple of them looked bad.

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Could be Jennings done for the season. Don’t wish that on anyone but i also can’t find it in myself to buy into him as a player. Smith with a broken hand but will be covered by Grant returning next week.

They are such an impressive team

Jennings confirmed ACL so season done.
Welch with a Achilles injury right near the end too, they can be a very nasty injury.
They seem to have a never ending conveyor belt of good players but the loss of those 3 will hurt

It was nice of Coates to do a replay of his try scoring move from SOO.

Yes, Munster and Grant have to come back, but we were very scrappy.
I can’t complain about how good Wishart looked either.
But Welch is irreplaceable.

Very early days but I can see the Storm falling back into the bottom half of the eight this year.
Penrith look scary good.
Just so fast and powerful.

they did last season and prior. they were running thin this year and couldn’t really afford key players to go down.

still reckon with bellamy driving them and their defensive structure they will probably sneak into the 8 this year, but can’t see them being a genuine threat.

Good to get off to a winning start but what a bizarre game with 9 tries in the first half and only 1 in the second half as it became a bit of a arm wrestle


Dean Ieremia will come in on Jennings wing
Bromwich in for Welch
Grant for Smith
Munster for either Meaney or Wishart. Both will be stiff

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Eisenhuth isn’t far away either, but still.
Welsh really hurts.

Coates is fun

Good start for Storm.