NRL 2023

For those that are interested, in the change rooms after the Storm’s last loss, Bellamy said ‘prepare yourselves for the toughest preseason you’ve ever had.’

And he’s followed through.
Players have been blessing the cooler temperatures because they’ve been throwing up on the side of the road as it is.

One thing the Storm will be next year, is fit.

Also interesting to find out is that juniors go through media training and community service from the day they sign up.
Their success isn’t an accident.
It’s not about lucky signings.
They are a very, very well run club, top to bottom.


Storm are the NRL equivalent of Geelong.

Write them off at your own peril. They’ll undoubtedly contend again next season.

and will look good while doing it

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Dogs have signed Stephen Crichton on a 4 year deal for the 2024 season. At least the Panthers will get another year out of him

Feels like Storm are held more accountable than other teams

Ridiculous. Moses tackled as he kicks. Penalty. Munster… nothing to see here

just enforce the rules to be against storm really.

What a match. Storm not dropping off this year

munster has coke brain rot, there was another tackle

We will though. I think we may struggle at times

We are utter trash. Going to be a long season

Well that was pretty cool.

Harry Grant is a legend. What a play. We never needed the Cheese


Not often a brand new team wins their first game in the competition for premiership points, particularly against one of the premiership favourites (Roosters), but the Dolphins lead 28-12 with less than 15 minutes left.

Been a good weekend with the Storm and Bunnies winning and the Roosters and Panthers losing?

Not happy that Manly won though.



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Who are missing? Munster, Olam, Papenhuyzen. Anyone else? Is Coates playing?

A lot of quality on the sidelines to compound the departures at the end of last season.