NRL 2023

Not asking you to find it.
Bottle of bourbon says Paps plays this year.

I like bourbon.
And I like sure things.

Haha nah I don’t feel strongly about it one way or the other, I just want him back and was disconcerted when reading it.

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■■■■■■■ the commentators suck.

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Haha. It was a STORM INSIDER and it was the DAILY MAIL.

Take it to the bank :sweat_smile:

Absolutely disgraceful performance from the commentators.

Storm destroyed them.
Even when it was all tied up, we were all over them.

I haven’t been bullish on the Storm this year, but if that’s the top of the ladder…

I may need to reassess.

i don’t think they even like league

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I tHoUgHt bRiSbAnE wErE ReAlLy sTrOnG tOnIgHt…

Faaaaark me.
They were Garbage.

Completely unthreatening.
They have a decent full back.
That’s it.

Edit: please let us play them first week of the finals.

Probably the worst officiating I have seen this year. So many mistakes

I’m done with refs.
Worse than the AFL tribunal.
You get what you get and you deal with it.

You gotta love following Storm.

Eels have been really poor so far this season but tonight we have just clicked and boy did we need that win

No such thing as jumper clash is the NRL. Dolphins are playing the Dragons. Both teams earring their usual strips which means red and white jumpers with white shorts. Even both pairs of white shirts have a red stripe down the side!

Mitchell out of Game 1. Damn.

It sounds like Jason Ryles is now all but confirmed to be the man to take over from Bellyache.

As shambolic as the Dragons are, you wouldn’t think Ryles would knock back a 4 year, 3.2 mill dollar deal to be the head coach from season 2024 to accept a “pathways and development” coaching role at the Storm unless he’s been pretty much guaranteed to be given the head coaching role. I’m guessing it makes it likely that next season will actually be Bellamy’s last as well.

It has seemed for a while that we were happy with either Billy or Ryles and perhaps Billy has indicated to us that he’s content coaching Origin and doing his farm/horse stuff rather than looking at launching into being a full time club coach.

Queensland up and about early

I’m colour blind, I can barely tell these teams apart. This is really annoying me.

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NSW should always be sky blue I reckon

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I don’t understand why they’re not. It’s an iconic strip.

Was a total stuff up. They tried to change back but it was too late

Murray Taulagi on fire