Numbers 2019


I just want Shiel in 32. I really want to see it on the back of a gun starting on-baller again.


McKernan should stay in the #44 Guernsey. Hes made it his own


What about Clark’s number once one the list?



Just to see some heads explode.


Numbers usually announced at the members forum which is December 17 this year, doubling as the AGM also I believe.


#9 Mason Redman
#15 Matt Guelfi
#20 Irving Mosquito
#22 Noah Gown
#27 Brayden Ham
#32 Dylan Shiel
#35 Tom Jok
#46 Zac Clarke

Fair chance the current player upgrades don’t happen and Shiel takes the number 9 followed by the draftees in order of selection. HOWEVER:

Would love to see Mason take up BJ’s #9. Besides the fact that they look alike, Redman is a good chance to take up his role next year and I could see this number given in a similar fashion to ‘Watson-Langford #4’.

While I actually like the #35, Guelf could get the move down to #15.

Tommy Jok at number 35. Pies give the number to their top draftee and as we’ve pinched him from their VFL team, nice bit of synergy for our no1 rookie selection.


Seeing a few clubs have already announced their allocations, let’s try and pick them… Go!

Shiel #9
Mozzie #15
Ham #?
Jok Jok #?


As in the number of different numbers threads?




Similar to how many surnames Jok Jok Jok has.


A player so nice, they named him twice, … and aint that the Tuth?


I like players getting their junior numbers if possible so Ham in 20 and Mosquito in 9 would be good although first 10 numbers are usually saved for very high draft pick.


Did, or did not, Shiel say he was wearing #20 in an interview?


I think since Worsfold’s time, at least, jumper numbers have been allocated as

  1. Trades get whatever vacant numbers they want
  2. Number changes, eg Gleeson, Raz
  3. Vacant numbers allocated in draft order
  4. #31 is left for Mason Fletcher

So, say Guelfi and Draper change to 15 and 22, and Shiel takes 20
Then it would be
9. Mosquito
15. Guelfi
20. Shiel
22. Draper
32. Gown
35. Ham
38. Jok

Illustration only. Stringer might want to take his old 9.


Shiel in 20? To suck up to the captain?


I always thought McKenna should be wearing 22.

2 be sure, 2 be sure.


9- Stringer
15- Orazio
20- Ham
22- Draper
32- Shiel


As if Raz is going to change his number now.


Might see Laverde move to 9 (his TAC cup number), and Irving take 33.


I keep hearing this Shiel wearing 20 thing on here but nobody seems to be able to say where it’s come from. Is there any veracity to it or is it another Blitz fantasy?