Numbers 2019


I noticed in that pic the other day they had him in front of locker 20


Someone here wrote that he stated it in a radio interview. It wasn’t ABC so i can’t confirm it first hand.


Got a sneaky feeling on:
#9 Jayden Laverde
#32 Noah Gown

Then hopefully,
#33 Irving Mosquito


I tend to agree that it is unlikely, but with Longy’s statue out the front already making Mozzie feel welcome, I would like to see his number used for highly rated Aboriginal players.

Maybe not on day dot, but once they were established in the senior team, so Walla should have first dibs if it was used in this way.

I also like @Scorch 's idea of Shiel in 32, a key forward in 25, but I would prefer Draper in 27 if Mason wanted to take BJ’s number 9 (although Stringer in a lower number would be appropriate).


Seriously, what has Mason Redman done to justify a number change like that? (Apart from looking a bit like the previous owner.)


I have already agreed that Stringer would be more appropriate, but more thinking about freeing up number 27 for Draper.


OK, I’ll put it another way…
What has Sam Draper done to justify a number change like that?


He is the future of our ruck division, no competition in sight there.

We don’t want him poached back to Adelaide, so why not make him feel part of the great tradition of our club, and give him more reason to strive to be the best he can.


I’d hazard a guess that his jumper number is pretty far down on his list of priorities in terms of staying at the club for the foreseeable future.


So this is a thread based on cold hard facts and not idle, harmless and baseless off season speculation?


Don’t be silly


I would love for Long to get his dads number, if Razzle Dazzle was to change, but not many lower numbers available unless he went to 9 or bought into the EFC Heritage in 32.
I would consider the following
Shiel to 9
McKenna to 20 Earned a lower number
McKernan to 22
Mosquito 44 (near lockers with Tipp, Saad)
Gown 45
Ham 46
Jok Jok 47
Clarke 48
Make the young players earn a lower jumper.
Set em up together at the locker room for now. Dea is a bit lonely at 49.


Looks like Orazio is going to single digits…


Giving the players a low number and making them earn a promotion is Clarkson bullshit and should be eradicated from football.

And giving a ruckman 27 is Sheedy bullshit.

I like the current method. It’s systematic.


Who are you saving 15 for? :thinking:

And you ended up not using 32 after giving it a mention.


Im still in discussion with Raz if he would like 9/15/32 :):joy:

I would be surprised if Shiel takes 20 not 9.
McKernan probably wants to stay at 44 too given he has had it for a few years now…


It’s a tradition that predates Clarkson, nor was Sheedy’s attatchment to the history of the club “bullshit”


I think we should make Long captain.


A ruckman wearing 27 went all the way back to Simon Madden.
History of the club is 3, 7 and 10.
Anything else is recent.
And Clarkson brought back something that very few clubs follows as a policy.

TD started the #5 tradition. Timmy and Barry Davis the #32.

Blokes who come in as rookies or low draft picks often get numbers in the high 30’s or above. As a policy, when Franklin, Roughead and Lewis got numbers 35, 38 and 40…it’s Clarkson.


Yep, earning a low number is a long standing footy tradition - nothing to do with Clarkson.
Used to be the offer of a low / particular number was sometimes used to sweeten a deal with a mature ager or interstate player.
On that basis Shiel and someone like Conor are the only ones who get to choose available numbers - newbies get the left over high numbers, at least till they’ve proved themselves.

But different times now - something to do with not accepting mediocrity apparently.