Fantasia #5
Walla #13

There the important changes. #4 should stay open 12 months and if young Langford makes it then he earns it.




Walla will stay at 43…tribute to Dean Rioli
Reckon Conor will stay 45 myself
And Saad in 42

All those suggesting that players swap to 4 or 5 from other single digit numbers are simply fools.

3, 7 and 10 are the numbers of 3 of the top 4 Champions of Essendon and the #1 of Jack Clarke would be up there number 8 too.

History of the club isn’t just the last 20 years.


■■■■ off to those suggesting giving #5 to Stringer.
He was #9 at WB, so he can have Hocking’s #39 and keep a ‘9’.


Lavender wants 44. There is a story behind it, but out of respect for Smack, no point telling it until Smack’s future is known.




You spelled LOL wrong.


Langford - 4
Stringer - 5
Smith - 20
Saad - 42




Moving numbers when you’ve already been allocated a lowish number is totally stupid. Rules out moves for Langford, Fantasia (really??) or anyone else under about 35.

So therefore, we have 4, 5, and 31 available and also likely 20 and 24. We will have 1 new draftee worthy of a lowish number, 3 new players and an upgrade for McKenna.

I’m not a fan of leaving 31 for Fletch junior. Let the kid make his own history in his own number, just like Jobe.


4 - Smith - wanna be a midfielder? Here’s the number of our best midfielder of the last decade.
5 - McKenna - despite us getting Saad, we still think you’re a gun. Go and build a career worthy of this number.
20 - Stringer - you’re on big coin. But don’t rest on your laurels. Play the sort of footy that gets every Essendon supporting kid wearing the 20.
24 - Lowest draftee
31 - Saad - young exciting gun defender, seems like the perfect fit for this number for 10 years.


Interesting SK would be nice to know why.

Just goes to show numbers mean more to others than some, hence why I love this thread each year.


Remember that Ken Fletcher wore 21.

I’d regarding 29 as the lowest number you don’t change down from. Some famous players played in 29 (N Burke, A Jones, A Thompson, C Grant) before swapping down.

I thought Kozi going from 24 to 23 was ridiculous.

Jay Neagle wearing 1 and 34 was the ultimate tribute, both numbers worn by Merv.

Neither Allan Hird Snr nor Jnr wore #5 (#6 and #39).


This. Plays nothing like Ronnie Andrews


Or Leon Baker
Or Gavin Wanganeen
Doesn’t kick like Lindsay McGie
Or have mutton-chops like Gary Grainger






Give Stringer 55, as a tribute to the picks the doggies will roll over and accept (25 + 30). ಠ‿ಠ


Smith to 4, was his number playing for Geelong Falcons just to keep running salt into the cats wounds :wink:


Was sort of disappointed that McGrath was given number 1. Thought he would be, and he is tracking, as the perfect candidate for number 5.

31 stays for Fletcher, no one warrants 4 or 5 yet.

Could be some delistings in the 20s that would work for stringer and smith. 42 for Saad is good.

I’d love to see 47 kept in rotation forever now as a nod to Kelly for helping in our hour of need.


Fletch v1 was 21

Fletch v2 was 31

Fletch v3 should be 41

Hope to see his grandson in 61