Not to mention Stanton.

34 > 24 > 5

I would be wary of giving 5 to Stringer. It’s always been a number of a leader. He could be a superstar, but I don’t see him ever being a leader. I’d give that one to either Smith (and I’m a bit leery about that, but he’s on the same tier of player as Stanton at least) or bump Heppell down.


The more I think about it I’d love raz in 5


I think BJ ought to get 5. Just like Jobe he really played his part in holding the club together during our dark times. Loyalty, leadership and strength all the attributes James Hird had and has.


I don’t get this. Goddard has been a star at Essendon, in the number 9. It’s his number. Why would he want to change it? He’s been fabulous in 9. All this veneration of the number 5 is starting to get on my goat. Players make numbers, not the other way round. Dean Rioli stuck with his 43, didn’t take a lower number and made 43 mean something. Some of you need to realise all numbers are ok and become something when players wear them, and turn them into special numbers when they have special careers.


If Green is gone, 15 toi Stringer.
If not, anything until he gets 9.


Heppell, Raz and Goddard will not be changing to 5, so get over it.


He may never want 9 back, Fresh start and all that.


I would love for the club to have Hird hand over the pick 5 to Stringer.
anything to have this great man back supporting the boys.


Good point.

Maybe so.



Current vacancies/preferences
#4 Smith or handover from Jobe to Parish (I know I know…)
#5 McKenna but it will probably be Stringer (#15 to Stringer if Green goes)
#24 Clarke/Saad?
#31 (who forgot?) Shelve again
#35 draft pick
#40 draft pick
#42 Saad


#35 Draftee
#39 Draftee
#40 Draftee

#4 McKenna
#24 Smith
#42 Saad

Any chance Jacko Merrett will go? If so
#20 Stringer

I’d like us to see Mutch move numbers, Draper upgraded and given 19 (no clue where Mutch goes) extremely unlikely to happen I imagine


Essendon Reveal Their 5 Highest-Selling Guernsey Numbers

Cult heroes!

Essendon have revealed the 5 players that have sold the most guernseys in their shop for the 2017 season.

Captain Dyson Heppell predictably took out top spot with his #21 - but second place was taken by cult-favourite Anthony McDonald Tipungwuti.

All-Australians Joe Daniher and Zach Merrett follow closely behind, with another forward livewire Orazio Fantasia rounding out the top 5.

Anyone still think that Hepp or Raz might “upgrade” their numbers? No? I didn’t think so.


Tippa would still be one of the highest selling jumpers if he was an Essendon VFL player still.


Maybe they’ll be forced to so we can sell more jumpers.


Looks likely to stay.


Wouldn’t mind seeing Hepp with 5


No chance.


After all, 21 is the number of a former captain and father of a legend.

I’d almost rather see Clarke promoted to 5 to get rid of the idea that it’s a more revered number than about a dozen others.


For me its the players that make the number, give the kid the challenge of meeting that expectation.


In recent times apart from Stanton, when has a player who wasn’t about a second or third year player changed numbers?

I get so sick of these suggestions for established players to change numbers. (It’s also worth noting, that Stanton had only just ended his 4th season when he changed numbers, so he wasn’t as established as someone like Heppell)