Pretty sure it was suggested based on the EFC website having him and Clarke as #0
Every other player listed in their correct number suggests they may both be moving to a new number


Not having a crack at the blitzers posting it; just wondering why he would need one


Does the club take into account who will have the locker either side of a player? ie - Put kids next to veterans for guidance, etc. Having Francis’ locker between Goddard and Zaharakis is good from a mentoring perspective. Might be a good idea to avoid putting Stringer next to any guy who they know loves having a punt on the horses.


Didn’t think you were having a crack at him/her

Maybe one of the newly vacant numbers is “his” number? I guess current players would get first go at requesting a number if it becomes available


His dad wore #9 so maybe he’s trying to elbow Goddard out.


In favour of filling 24 and 25.
Ridiculous they are vacant.
Rest 4 and 5 a year.

Then fill any more gaps.

31 for Mason Fletcher is obvious it’d be cool to have you name etched under your old man.


Is this a fair dinkum post? You know they’ve only become vacant in the last few weeks right?


4 - Raz, he live with Jobe and was mentored by him and I think Jobe would be chuffed if he took it over
5 - Mutch, don’t know why, just have the feeling he will grow into it
13- Jake Long for obvious reasons

17 - Stringer
24 - Smith
25 - Stewart

42 - Saad


I reckon Long is already struggling enough with expectations, without giving him number 13.

Plus, no way Fanta will be changing



I wouldn’t touch 4 and 5. Leave em a year at least.


Numbers available: 4, 5, 24, 25, 35, 39, 40, 47

The retirements of Jobe Watson and Brent Stanton open up two of Essendon’s most famous jumper numbers. The No.4 vacated by Watson was worn by Leon Baker in the 1984-85 premierships and by 1993 Brownlow medallist and premiership star Gavin Wanganeen. Norm McDonald, one of the club’s heroes of its dominant era in the 1940s, also donned No.4. Stanton took on the No.5 after champion James Hird retired at the end of 2007. Hird captained the 2000 flag in the number, like Terry Daniher did in the Bombers’ back-to-back 1980s triumphs. A couple of the Bombers’ new recruits seem most likely to take over the numbers. No.25 also has a rich history at Essendon, having been worn by premiership players Scott Lucas and Roger Merrett, and Brownlow winner Graham Moss. Alex Morgan’s departure to North Melbourne will allow someone to take over that jumper, while Craig Bird’s delisting leaves No.24 free. Midfielder Joe Misiti wore it in the Bombers’ past two flags. - Callum Twomey

Did you know? Heath Hocking (No.39) Ben Howlett (No.40) have both played more games in the respective numbers than any other player in Essendon history. - Callum Twomey


Need someone to own the #35 Barry Young style. Used to love Bazza!




I would actually give Ridley 25.

He seems to suit 25 better than 14 and 25 is rich in history of versatile big men.

4: Vacant
5: Stringer
14: Smith
24: Saad
35 etc: Draft picks


For the life of me, i can’T understand why you’d want to drop players’ numbers.

It’s clear the way the numbers have been allocated recently…Sheeds doesn’t do it any more.


If Stewart and Clarke are going to move numbers -

I can see Stewart going into the #25 for the Scott Lucas factor - but also because I can’t see him wear the #4 or #5 which are the numbers available below his current #17.

Clarke could move into #17 to be next to Begley (best mate) and get a teener number (wore 12 for Eastern and 18 for Metro) - otherwise would think #24

Saady will wear #42
Smith #4
Stringer #5


Luke Lavender 47 as is his Instagram? Or was it always that?


It’s always been that, not sure why he chose it in his Instagram name. Makes 47 a logical choice though!


I’d give Stringer 25. Take the team oriented example of Scott Lucas in your approach, and be as aggressive as Roger Merrett. (Well, maybe not as aggressive, as you’ll be suspended every second week, but you know what I mean.)


I can see Lav getting 44