Looks like #10 stays


Happy to go Smith with 4 and Saad with 42

Not sure what they’ll do with Stringer or the number 5.


McGrath 5 and Stringer 1


No to changing McGrath…no, no, no

Jack Clarke was 8th in the list of Champions of Essendon. Respect him.


Can Noonan be a mod in this thread? There are a lot of moronic posts that just need to be deleted. Or users banned.
I think he’s the perfect one to be deciding the appropriate punishment


Can I use torture?


whatever you think the post deserves. There have been some that I think deserve at least that.




I could not give a ■■■■ about what numbers guys wear as long as isc fix the damn collars.


If Langford gets 4 or 5 I will spew all over myself.


I’m good with Stringer in 5.

I think TD and the great one would both like it.
I actually will miss Stants. I feel 4 and 5 need a year off.

As others have said if you get a number thats been made famous, you hold it.


Should tippa get a look in for a number promotion or has he already made 43 his own?


Tell tippa to shutup and take 5




4 McKenna
20 Smith
42 Saad
35 Stringer then #9 in season 2019



Sorry should explain, 43 is the number of another Tiwi player to play 100 games for the bombers. He is very proud to wear the Number and the previous owner is very proud another Tiwi man is wearing it.


@Alan_Noonan_10 - torture time!


oh dear what have i done?


He likes 43 and wasn’t it Dean Rioli’s old number? Honouring the ancestors.