Official BB review EFC v Port: Paddy "I'm a Sell Out Bastard" Ryder's return game

Withstood all the BBers’ well planned boos.

Laverde, Langford showed good signs for the future.

Stitched up again by maggotry.

One step closer to a high draft pick.

Just got back; bizarre game. I haven't seen a game with so little defense by both teams in a long, long time.

We lost because, like last week and the Richmond game, we missed simple set shots at goal and made basic decision errors/skill errors that should have resulted in about 4 goals for us but ended up being 4 goals for them…but that’s youth for you. to often we spoiled good work by not honouring players on the lead and went the wrong option/put ourselves under pressure & coughed it up.

Port a just your classic front runners - fantastic and dangerous when the get the ball on the burst, easy clearance, etc. but abjectly refuse to work the other way - that’s why they keep conceding some of the highest scores every week regardless of the result.

Playing Steinberg on Ryder was always going to cost us and ultimately it did.

McKernan got better as the game went on and seemed to jump all over Lobbe in Q4 (leading to a number of centre clearances, especially from Goddard). Lobbe looked tired despite getting more assistance from Ryder than McKernan had from Daniher although Daniher was much better when he went into the ruck than he has been. He worked his way into the game and deserved those goals in Q4.

It’s hard to make a case for keeping either Howlett or Ambrose in the team - neither contributes enough. I suspect Cooney & Dempsey would could come in for them both next week with one of them sub and a starting HF line of Laverde, Langford & Edwards :slight_smile:

O’Brien grows in stature and his output increases, with each game. Needs to learn to kick the ball from clearances more.

Pity Hooker didn’t kick for goal like this last week…we might have got up.

Games like last week and tonight we will win and win well once our youngsters get another 30+ games under their belts.

Ultimately, Port should be a little embarassed by tonight’s result despite winning - they were at full strength bar probably only A.Carlisle & Polek and we were missing anywhere from 8-10 players and still kicked nearly twice what we normally kick in a game.

Good post.
Interesting how you still have people crying about how ‘ultra-defensive’ our game plan is.

**** you judas!

Just an observation, I think Paddy’s finding it even more difficult to string two words together since he’s moved to Adelaide.

Nick O’Briens inside work tonight was ■■■■■■ fantastic.
Sure he has no pace, but fark he can get the pill.
Seems to have adjusted even more to the pace of A.F.L as far as quickness of mind goes.

Our rookies looked good, very excited for the future.

On another note, ■■■■ Judas and ■■■■ the ■■■■■■■■ attempting to bounce the ball for the ruck contests. Must’ve ■■■■■■ it up 5 times tonight.

Good signs from some.




Was Edwards Sub?

“Well Riolio, look Shaun’s a quality person but we’ve got certain key parameters that…”

i am disappoint. we had a massive crack though. a few brain fades and mm here and there and we win.

oh well, ■■■■ happens.

A lot to like about this game… amazed that our forwardline could kick more than 10 goals… really really good signs. JD came good at the end but too many misses at goal is bad football. I’d say that’s the main difference in why we lost.

Judas kicked a couple out his ■■■ so I can’t blame Mermaid too much… but still don’t think Stein has enough to be a solution down back. Gets lost under the ball too easily and disposal is dogsh!t

I thought tonight was a good game, young guys stepped up and got within 2-3 goals of a more mature side that is still fighting for finals. At no point did we drop the intensity which was excellent.

I’m loving the Hooker/Daniher combination… they work really well together and it helps bring in the crumbers and other forward players.

We need to pay big $$ and get a ruck… make them an offer they can’t refuse. As to the umpiring… just shamwow.

Hurley is a beast and just doesn’t put in a bad performance ever. Reliable and consistent. Pig has found some form which is good.

supposedly people say we are tanking.
we lost = job done. best coaching performance of the year under that criteria.
10/10 for the players acting also, on that effort alone people would be hard to fine you for actually tanking wink wink ;).

4 goals from 9 possies and gets to play on steinberg for the night haha, and people wonder why he left, they are still looking after him even now.

the rest love the effort, esp from the younger guys. same problems though, senior players making dumb decisions and poor execution.
none of the 12 under 50 games should be dropped for the rest of the year, they are giving it their all and that’s all you can ask of some to most of them, and the results so far aren’t bad.

ultimately you’ve just gotta sit back and laugh at both north and port, supposedly premiership contenders and they can’t even put us away, hell st kilda belted us and these ■■■■ ant clubs can’t. it’s hard to feel bad about the loss cos they are actually deluded enough to think they have any chance this year.

Edwards sub? Lol
Nob good
Ryder will make this team a top 8 squad. Super player.
our kids cost us the game. The mistakes of Langford, Gleeson and Daniher turnovers all lead to goals. Hopefully they’ll get better from those mistakes.
Were younger and a better squad than port.
Hooker fixes our attack.

We’ve found the right balance. Keep this squad. Dissapointing loss but we really should have won if we kicked straight .

In a year when wins cost you draft places, there are such things as honourable losses.

That was one of them.

The kids can play.

Hmm, BB’s swear filter reduced my 7 letter epithet in the title to this thread to 4 letters.

I suppose they are right. Any of the 4 popular letter banned nouns would be more apt than what I had called him.

Ollie Wines has a seriously punchable head. Actually, Port Adelaide have a lot of weird looking things playing for them.

Can’t wait to see what the MRP makes of Baguley’s tackle on Wingard vs Wingard’s tackle on Baguley. Sure to be much consistency and fairness.

A lot of positives overall. Liking Laverde. Feel sorry for McKernan with all the ruck confusion.

Very much didn’t enjoy Puke Darcy’s suggestion to incentivise scoring. Too many variables and bullshit idea in general. Mr Say That Again should never say that again.

Amazing what can happen when eager young kids (with skills) are given a chance.

Disappointed with the final result but the boys had a red hot crack and all those young guys will be gaining valuable experience for the years ahead.

If Hooker keeps presenting as well as he has been, maybe the next move could be him as a key forward and then Carlisle can go back to backline.

Plenty to like about Laverde and Langford’s games tonight…Browne and O’Brien both showing that they can compete at this level.

Cannot for the life of me figure out the logic of starting Edwards as the sub???

Obrien really stood up tonight.

Laverde, Langford and Browne all growing. Thought Daniher worked hard tonight too and the Merrets delivered as well.

Hooker just might be the forward we have been looking for. Had we have kicked straight we just might have pinched this one.

Plenty of great signs tonight and some nice building blocks going forward. Only negative is we still persist with having no pace around stoppages or in centre bounces. It’s the biggest structural weakness this team has.

Good signs from some.




Was Edwards Sub?

“Well Riolio, look Shaun’s a quality person but we’ve got certain key parameters that…”

The sub rule is ■■■■.
Who would you have made sub before the game, out of interest?