Official Match Day Thread Ess vs WCE

Hi all....early but I'm really pumped for this game.......more so because our great leader is back


I hope the play Watson FF in periods


surround him with Winderlich, Goddard and Chapman full on assault.


Go Bombers!! Cracking game coming up


Go Joey D aswell!!

Dons by 74.

dont care what we win by as long as we win , heading to the game in an hour , go dons

Way too early for this thread. 



In: Dell


Kick 3 if he plays

This is a win or nothing game.

If we lose we will not play finals. We must simpky throw everything at them today.

Our midfield must get their hands on the ball first, we need to give our forwards the best chance possible. Get it in there as quickly as possible.

The small forwards need to apply crazy pressure to the opposition defenders when they are running out of defence, hurn cannot be allowed to do as he pleases.

We simply have to stop Priddis from dominating as he always does against us.

We are a damn good team, but when are we going to show it WHEN. The time is now boys or it will be just another wasted year to add to the pile.

Come on boys, its time to show everyone what we are capable of.


This game will show what Essendon players are made of.


Nothing short of a consistent full-on assault on the ball for 120 mins is required, with a win the outcome.


But the past decade has led me to expect a roll-over and be smacked effort.


Eagles by 50 points with Essendon again struggling to kick 9 goals over 4 quarters.

What a ■■■■■■ time for a football match. Can't make an afternoon of it, or an evening. All you can do is eat dinner at a stupid time.

any late changes?

Ive been negative all week



but Watson will lead us to an inspirational win


dons by 5

Another important game for the future of this club. Lose and it's almost goodbye finals, and from there it'll be hard to mount a genuine challenge next year.

Win and we're right in it for a finals berth and we could even snare a win in the first week. This could set us up for a decent crack at it next year and beyond.

Time for the middle aged bracket to really step up as a group, not just Paddy. And do it for more than a couple of weeks. To quote John Kennedy: It's later than you think. Jobe and BJ only have a few years left and Stants not much longer than them, and I hate the thought of these guys missing out on a flag.

So come on Bombers, it starts this afternoon. An effort like we showed against Port and Collingwood a few weeks ago will see us win and win by plenty.

This is the game where the AA selectors realise Paddy Ryder is a lock.

Dons by 37.

season defining

No late changes

No late changes


Thank fark. Hopefully one of their talls rolls his ankle in the warm up.

Zach merrett sub

Zerrett and Tunbridge subs.

No late changes.

Were going to fark them up.

glad I checked this thread - had no idea it was at this stupid time! 

Finally, we name a player who can have an impact as a sub