Olympic Games 2020, nope 2021 (Part 1)

Just the stupidest thing ever.


All good, I WFH. I can relocate my workstation to the kitchen table for the games :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to see the basketball, always love watching Patty Mills play his heart out for the green and gold.

I’m also really looking forward to seeing Matt Temple swim. He only took up the sport a few years ago and is a ripping kid, set an Australian record at the trials too.


Love watching the olympics. Love watching the high profile stuff like the 100m sprint, swimming etc. But also love watching the smaller sports that you never see that much on tv like handball, weightlifting, water polo and wrestling

There is always something good on to watch.


Also will never forget as a kid spending the entire holidays in 2000 watching the Sydney olympics with my brother. Then staying up late to watch Roy and HG. Their segment on water polo is still one of my all time favourite clips


You just made me feel very old!

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Yep. When we had the comm games I went to the Boxing. Had a great day out.

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I remember when they were doing the trials for the cycling to qualify for the comm games- they were riding past our house, that was pretty cool stuff.

I wish I had gone to some of the commwealth games, big regret of mine

A mate did some volunteer work at the comm games. Worked in the office that processed all the results.

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Sydney Olympics…went to probably 8 days, including every night of Track and Field finals, basketball, hockey, a bunch of other things. Fantastic.


i’ll watch pretty much everything but equestrian and gymnastics (scored by a judge = not a sport)


Not even diving??? That’s always good for a laugh when somebody completely farks it up, at least.

Or boxing?

I want to really like this post but snowboarding half pipe is probably my favourite Olympic sport (winter or summer) haha.

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They still have those?

2022 in England.

Equestrian doesn’t interest me. Some of the gymnastics stuff is very impressive. Especially when they do the rings. The strength it must take to do that sort of stuff is insane

But traditionally they won’t show anything live and keep cutting between stuff and you never end up knowing what’s going on.

Unless we win a medal, then you’ll get 40 replays instead of anything live.


A new Olympic Sport should be introduced to the Games - Goal kicking.

In the 1st round, 5 shots at goal starting from 30 meters out evenly spaced from the left boundary through to the right boundary. Anyone with less than 3 is eliminated.

2nd Round from 40 meters. The same routine. 5 shots equally spaced beginning from left boundary working around to the right boundary. Anyone with less than 3 eliminated.

3rd Round from 50 meters. The same routine. 5 shots equally spaced beginning from the left boundary working around to the right boundary. The top 3 are the Gold-Silver and Bronze medal winners, unless there is a tie.

Then to separate the top 3, the 3rd Round is repeated. If still no clear top 3, then move to 55 meters and have a further round. If still no clear top 3 then a shootout from 60 meters directly in front until the 3 medalists are conclusive.

Wouldn’t such a competition be of fantastic interest and it might bring about an improvement in AFL goal-kicking from set shots. What do you think?

Suck it Sun Yang. CAS finally did something right.


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