Olympic Games 2020, nope 2021 (Part 1)

Everyone must be keen on the games; it didn’t even get a thread last year!

I’m triggered to post this by the “no shouting or cheering, just clapping” rule that has been announced today… and not in the sarcastic way that most people would.

That’s because the above ruling has been the case for the past year at other events in Japan – specifically I’m thinking New Japan Pro Wrestling. And they have 99.99% obeying it, since day one, even when they’re being ruthlessly mocked for it by heels like Jay White.

Japan is a different place (and unlike the AFL, they know how to spread out a crowd).


Is boomerang throwing a sport?


Are the olympics still a thing?


I look forward to 2030 when I found out the gold medal winners in the weightlifting after all the retrospective doping bans.



I know that the Olympics is a massive money loss as it is, but with no crowd, tourism kick, or even general buzz about it/ability to show your country off on the big stage, why wouldn’t they just push it back 12 months?

Would clash with Comm games and generally be a logistical nightmare (not that it already hasnt been)

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Legit didn’t know the comm games still existed. Had to google when and where the next ones were

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Well there was the “new Olympic sports” thread…

I’m excited!

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Generally prefer the winter games but the next one of them is in Beijing. Yuck.

They did, it was supposed to be last year.


It’s not up to the Japanese government, it’s the IOC who decides and they told Japan it’s happening. Japanese government can decide whether crowds are allowed or not, but they have effectively leased their country and facilities to the IOC and they have to suck up the losses

What is this madness?

Winter is a million times better.

■■■■■ throwing themselves down an icy chute head first at 150kph. Yes please.

Give me speed skating over the running events anytime.

The crashes in the downhill skiing and ski jumps are just terrifying but you can’t look away.

Its got its boring stuff like the ice dancing and figure skating but I’d easily spend the whole day watching the winter games.


That’s not entirely true. If it’s a health risk the Japanese government can say no.

But they won’t.


They can say no, but the contracts state that if they cancel it, then Japan incurs all the liability (from sponsors, broadcasters etc). The number would end up being astronomical.


I’m looking forward to it as it’s on a good time zone for us. Don’t need to go out of my way to watch any of it.


People only become downhill skiers or speed skaters when they can’t be Usain Bolt

Remember that the finals of swimming and athletics are in the morning to cater for American TV.

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