Oops, maybe a $2 Million fine for "bringing the game into disrepute"?


no one is actually willing to run with it, so who knows if it is the truth or not?





(fark that was tough on a phone!)


People such as this become too cocky for their own good and the longer they go without being exposed, the more they believe in their own invincibility. Eventually, they bring themselves down often in spectacular fashion.

As I said before, this bloke is a cross between a great white shark and a man eating croc. He is an apex predator.


He is such a lieing slimeball.

As if he didn’t know about it all.

Would have been back slapping with his mate over a Glenmorangie in his office regularly about inter office hijinx


HS clearly don’t have quite enough for the legal team to let them publish it. But they’ve got clearly got enough to run it as a rumour


Sidestepping him after they got the dream fixture as well… something is clearly afoot

Benny gale would be the perfect replacement. The man has impeccable ethics


Will Gill’s mate Eddie give Gill’s mate Simon the CEO job at Collingwood.?


I don’t know about that, I know people who are not allowed to use work phones for personal purposes and are not allowed to use their own phone in work time. I never faced those rules in my working life.



I remember when only one person in our street of 39 houses had a fixed line phone, and the only phones at work where in the bosses office.

Now we have primary school kids with iPhones .


What is the rumour?


It’s coming full circle.


The ultimate in phone addiction, watch one episode of the Netflix serial Pretty Little Liars.

I remember we had a party line at home when I was a kid and it had to be wound up to get the operator on the line. They could dial the number for you at a small cost or you could dial it yourself for no cost. We kids, we NOT allowed to use the phone. No good even trying it had a lock on it.


Does anyone remember when you could, if you were accurate enough, use the engage buttons on a rotary phone - and tap out a phone number just right, and dial a number? We used to think that was a free call - probably wasn’t.


A couple of things:

  1. Does anyone remember there was a number you could dial (199 or somesuch, can’t remember it), then put down the receiver and your phone would ring? As a kid I used to drive my folks barmy with that one.
  2. At a phone box there was a free number you could call for issues. As kids we used to dial it, fabricate a story about how we’d put a coin in but it hadn’t connected, and they’d call whatever number you wanted free of charge. That was always a bonus - a phone call saved meant one extra game of Galaga or Donkey Kong at the local bowling alley.


Yeah I used to do both of those. It was 199


Those with a weak stomach, please turn away now




Hope the roof collapses on them


I thought Demetriou was in jail?

My bad.