Oops, maybe a $2 Million fine for "bringing the game into disrepute"?


I went to an AGS school myself (not Xav) and the douchbags outnumbered those who weren’t by about 10 to 1. It’s why I detest poncey jumped-up silver spoon fed farksticks like Dill MCockring so much…


old money


You’re thinking of scotch, Melbourne and Geelong Grammar. The Old money in Melbourne is, by and large, Anglican


In hindsight this post probably proves @SMJ 's original hypothesis. I’m standing down on this before I do further damage to my reputation.





Pleased you clarified that one!


Might be an opening for Lethlean at Melbourne Victory now Robson is going to Rowing Australia.


Seems a funny move, ie downwards, or does he have his sights set on getting a bit of olympic largess?


Maybe Gill could write him a good reference.

An AFL staff member has been forced out of head office following a string of sexual harassment complaints.

Stephen Drill, Herald Sun
23 minutes ago
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The male employee was accused of making inappropriate comments towards his female colleagues.

The Herald Sun can reveal that following one complaint from a female staff member, other women came forward to share similar incidents.

The staff member resigned last week when faced with the complaints, which were leaked to the Herald Sun by concerned whistleblowers.

The latest resignation caps off a horror year for AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan, who lost key lieutenants Simon Lethlean and Richard Simkiss in July.

The senior managers resigned for having separate inappropriate sexual relationships with junior female AFL staff members.

And Ali Fahour, the league’s former diversity manager, quit the same month.

He resigned when he was suspended for 14 weeks for a coward punch during a Northern Football League match that resulted in criminal charges.

Tanya Hosch, AFL general manager of inclusion and social policy, told the Herald Sun in response to questions about the latest incident that the league “continues to strive for the highest standards at all times.”

“Our organisation’s responsibility is to provide an environment that is inclusive and free from any form of discrimination,” she said.

“We know that people reporting inappropriate behaviour with confidence that they will be taken seriously and responded to fairly and thoroughly is crucial to us meeting these standards.”

Kate Jenkins, Sex Discrimination Commissioner at the Australian Human Rights Commission, was making a speech at the “Safer Workplaces strategies forum” for NSW Women in Film and TV on Tuesday.

Ms Jenkins, who is also a Carlton board member, said in the public speech that more needed to be done to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

“There needs to be an organisational culture within the workplace of zero tolerance for sexual harassment,” she said.

“This must be promoted at all levels of leadership.

“In my experience, it is rarely ‘one bad apple’ within a workplace causing these issues — it is a broader, systemic tolerance of sexual harassment.”

The AFL’s acceptance of Lethlean and Simkiss’ resignation set a precedent about standards of behaviour at the league.

Lethlean was football operations manager at the time of his resignation but has yet to find a new role in football, despite McLachlan saying football was a “forgiving” industry following his departure.

Lethlean had been linked to the chief executive role at Carlton, which went to Richmond’s Cain Liddle, and Collingwood’s top job, which was filled by Mark Anderson.

Simkiss, who said when he resigned that he hoped he would be remembered for his work at the AFL and not the scandal, has found a new job.

Long time friend Craig Hutchison has given him a role at the expanding Crocmedia empire, which has taken over sports radio station SEN.

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Thanks for posting. Back in July there were MSM reports of a third man ( unmarried) at AFL HQ facing accusations.


I understand this is a different case to the third man in July.


Predatory culture is rife down at AFL land.

Great leadership, yet again, Gil…


And it seems that the Hun is one MSM outlet that the AFL does not control. The rest are on a catch up after the Hun reports( except for the Australian on occasions, which does not have to worry about AFL media accreditation).


Scotch is Presbyterian. You’ve forgotten Haileybury and Geelong College, the two Uniting ones. All bastions of Old Money. Essendon Football Club was founded by cashed-up Presbyterians.


Yeah, born out of the church of England, no?

Is Anglican a narrower term than I’ve previously understood it to be?


Didn’t Essendon also become more Catholic from 1940s onwards? My grandfather I was told started the family barracking for Ess (despite living across other side of city) primarily because of the Catholic connection


Presbyterians more likely to be Scottish

Anglican is CoE by definition (although there’s also high and low Anglicans…)

You possibly mean protestant, which basically means everything except Catholic & Orthodox


That’s not how I understand it, no.

Carlton RC, and Collingwood Irish Catholic, with Essendon being very protestant, and heavily Masonic linked, was what lead to the vicious rivalry’s between the clubs was the story/myth/legend I heard as a kid.