This is a thread to discuss those times you really got it wrong, stuffed up completely and made an absolute goose of yourself. I’ll kick off with a couple:

  1. I was recently in a ‘cool’ pub in Brunswick and had need of the toilet facilities and thought the hipsters had taken things a bit too far because there was no urinal, just a couple of stalls. Having done what I had to do, I went to wash my hands and it was then that I noticed the sanitary disposal unit on the wall … I’d gone into the Ladies it would appear. Crimson-faced, I quickly slunk out but nobody batted an eyelid nor said a word. They either didn’t notice or didn’t care.

  2. Many years ago, I was sent to a training day by my employer, very much against my wishes and despite my strong indifference to the matter being discussed. I was outside having a last minute smoke before going in and another bloke walked out to do the same. “Were you sent here for this bullshit too mate?” I asked, and he looked up and nodded wordlessly. Back inside, the session begins … and the first speaker was my co-smoker.


Not me as such, but a friend congatulated a mutual female acquaintance (who we’d not seen for some time, and who had put on a bit of size) and asked when she was due…
Yep, he went there… idiot…


I did find an unfortunately titled ‘Sperm Water Restaurant’ in Kolkata. Never did work out what they were trying to spell…


yep - never ever go there. No matter how sure you are.

That could just be a spoof name.


OBITV showing a bit of $punk on the pun front, …


Well, it was part of your school motto.

(My sisters all went there too)

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Very popular with sailors. Place is always full of…(come on you all know the punchline)