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Spoil sport

Hey, just helping the old codger out…

He’s in his 90s and still angling for a menage a trois. He doesn’t need any of our help.


blitz record for fastest thread derailment?

righto, Mother’s Day it is

Not quite the same but that happened to a mate’s kid back in the 90’s. It was straight speed back then and not $40k worth but several thousands. Literally found it buried at a local play ground. He was 17 at the time and he didn’t hand it over to the authorities. Took him about 10 years to get his life back on track.

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That’s sad, but not as sad as it could have been. Making a poor decision can really fark you up.

What brewery dingus?

He didn’t have a problem until he stumbled upon it. It was staggeringly bad luck.

A work associate of a good mate of mine organised a 6 grand “deal” at a footy ground. Got into the back of the guy’s car, gave him the money, then stabbed the dude to death, took the money, and torched the car.

He’s had to revise his plans substantially for the next few decades.

Drugs are no good.


Ive scored some mint old school essendon stuff from op shops

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Big Shed Brewing Co, in the very early days.

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I may or may not have purchased a bicycle on Saturday.

Rest assured, it has more than one speed.

It’s funny, we probably all know of at least someone who’s life has gone completely wrong after using drugs but we also probably know quite a few people, maybe even ourselves who have used but have not spiraled out of control. I know plenty of people who partied in their 20’s, consistently for several years, who no longer use and are now what society would consider as ‘model citizens’. That’s not to say they haven’t been harmed by it all. Who’s to say but for all intents and purposes, they’re going well. It’s a lottery. Yep, drugs are no good.

Using is one thing but this guy was selling. Like properly selling. He was in the financial ■■■■■■■ due to a fairly expansive gambling habit and trying to get out of it with drugs.

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Mad haul today.

Jeans, chinos (shut up), awesome t-shirt and belt for thirty bucks.
Mrs Wim picked up a blouse for $29 that retails upwards of $350. Lee Mathews, if that means anything to anyone.

Hilfiger jeans (that I didn’t like) for $11.

Eastern suburbs shops are a looong way from the op shops I went to in the country.

Never buying jeans from retail again.

Edit: lol. Just googled my belt and that’s designer as well. They start at $130.


Great haul, nothing like seeing the RRP after you buy something from the oppy.

I grabbed a couple police ‘constable t bears’ for $5 last year because I vaguely knew they were ‘collectables’, one of them was in a box and found a new home for $200 within a couple days on marketplace


Salvos online shop is an absolute gold mine. All the best ticket items that come through end up online and you’ll be looking at the best items from everywhere in Aus. Thank me later

Wife bought a Lego Star Wars set which had been opened. $20

Retail for $250


I’ll thank you now, that’s a treasure trove

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