Op shopping

I went out with 30 bucks this morning and came back with a pair of country road jeans which are the comfiest things my cheeks have set skin in…

4 bucks.

4 Controllers for buzz (ps2) plus game not opened, Old price of 99 on the side…


Box full of Fitzroy collectables, all vfl, beanie, scarf, lace up jumper, cards, figurines, etc…

5 bucks.

Got enough for lunch now. Had to haggle a wee bit on the Roy boys stuff. Got them down from 7.


Op shops are great for 90’s Australian cricketer autobiographies and 70’s how to play cricket books.


Been doing a bit of op shopping lately. My bf is committed to the practice, and l have introduced my wife to the concept. She loves it. Picked up plenty of bargains, too many to mention here.

There’s one near my place of work situated in an incredibly undesirable location.

It’s hipster-free, and I always, always score big in there. Last week: Brand new Vans super-cush (with tags)… $10.

Fark hipsters.


It’s refreshing to see you keeping the intrigue alive at your age, CJ. You sly fox.


Well to be fair, my wife ran a second hand shoe store in her hometown.

I’m struggling to interpret that euphemism.


Still one of the best clips ever

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I’ll be contributing to this thread in due course.
Mrs Wim is in charge of a few.

This is somewhat surprising.

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Coming from the beardy Greens voter guy with a folk-rock band and a part share in a craft brewery?

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A) only 50% of those things are currently true
B) Why do you think I hate them so much. GET OFF MY LAWN.

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Holding up a mirror to yourself. A free range, cold press, vegan-free mirror.


I ate two beef ribs for lunch.

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Lego box stuffed with meth was most likely delivered to the wrong address, police say

27 minutes ago


A Lego box and a bag of a light-brown crystal substance.|700x467

Three US women bought a box of Lego from a second-hand shop while visiting South Carolina only to find that the box was actually filled with about $US40,000 worth of methamphetamine.

Key points:

  • The Lego box contained about 1.3 kilograms of meth, much to the disappointment of the boy to received it as a present
  • Investigators believe the drugs were shipped to the wrong address and held as unclaimed property by the postal service
  • It’s assumed the box was sold at auction before ending up at the second-hand shop

Bulloch County Sheriff’s investigator Jim Riggs told The Statesboro Herald the women gave the box to a child as a gift.

“They took it and gave it to a young child, who opened the box” and was probably extremely disappointed not to find Leo bricks inside, he said.

Instead, the boy found about 1.3 kilograms of the illegal drug.

Lieutenant Riggs told Fox News the nasty surprise was the work of professionals.

“The methamphetamine inside of the box was vacuum sealed, and that keeps it from moving around too much and also helps mask the smell,” he said.

“On top of the box itself, the Lego box was shrink-wrapped, which is the typical wrapping you find on a toy box or something coming from the factory.”

A Lego box next to a bag of a light-brown crystal substance, sealed in plastic packaging. |700x467 Photo: Authorities estimate meth had a street vale of $US40,000. (Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office)

Lieutenant Riggs said the women, who had unknowingly bought the illicit substance while on a trip from the US state of Georgia, were lucky they weren’t stopped by police on their drive home.

They had crossed a state border with a significant quantity of methamphetamine stashed in their car, which would have looked a lot like drug trafficking to authorities.

“There would have been a lot of explaining to do,” he said.

Once the family realised what was inside the box, they turned drugs over to the sheriff’s office, who called in Drug Enforcement Administration agents.

“I don’t foresee any charges being filed,” Lieutenant Riggs told the ABC.

“It’s almost impossible to determine who packaged the drugs in the Lego box, as we believe that the Lego box was unknowingly purchased from a large stock of unclaimed/undelivered items.”

Authorities say the drugs were probably mailed to the wrong address.

Dealers often ship drugs to empty or abandoned addresses to be picked up, but US Postal Service often will not leave packages at those sites.

Instead, they’re taken back to the office for safe keeping.

The postal service will occasionally hold auctions of unclaimed packages, which Lieutenant Riggs compared to the television program Storage Wars.

Agents assumed the Lego box was sold at one of those auctions and then pawned, which is how it ended up on the shelves of the second-hand store.


People that like OP shopping should try like thrift markets, Camberwell comes to mind

Can get some decent stuff there

And a lot of garbage aswell, ymmv

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Still can’t believe Captain Jack introduced his wife to his boyfriend.
Absolute scenes.


‘best friend’?