Our first AFLW squad: finalised, 30 + 3 top-ups

No way the afl gives us the 1st pick when we are causing chaos across the league

Do you have reason to think she would nominate VIC as her destination?

A big query is when we will find out who gets which of the top 8 picks. The AFL might want to leave that till draft night, just for dramatics. If the best player available wants to go to SA or NSW they can KNOW who they are being drafted by – but not if they nominate for VIC.

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just looked up a interview said she wants to nominate WA. :frowning:

“I’m definitely nominating to stay in WA,” Roberts told The Inner Sanctum .

“I just feel a little bit too young to just move across the country, so I’m going to nominate for WA.”

Despite being a Fremantle supporter, it won’t bother her where she ends up, so long as she can stay close to family and friends in her home state.

“I’m a Freo supporter, I’m the only one in a family of Eagles!,” Roberts laughed

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No one tell Port Adelaide this whole thing has started.


ESSENDON: 6 signings (5 poached)
HAWTHORN: 3 signings (0 poached)
SYDNEY: 13 signings (4 poached)


(yeah yeah, I know Adelaide played a few more weeks than GWS)

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We can sign up to 14?

Correct. There may be limits on how many can be stolen from individual teams (the AFL have not announced any) but that probably only matters for Sydney and Port.

Sydney’s early greater numbers reflect their lack of a feeder team – you can bet we and the Hawks have a stack of our own VFLW players in mind who would happily take the upgrade rather than walk to one of the other three clubs or risk the draft.

Also, sign Marshall already.

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Would like Courtney from our VFL side in

Don’t know why we haven’t announced her yet

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We only announced one in Nanscawen maybe once we are finished poaching the last few spots they will fill from the vfl side.

Hopefully because I honestly believe it might benefit us in the off-season with Hill again

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The off-season’s most obvious move is now official - Erin Phillips committed to Port Adelaide.


Stephanie Cain
Fresh off recovering from an ACL injury, the expectations placed on Stephanie Cain were muted going into the 2021 season. Instead, Cain produced a career-best year, and one of the best individual seasons from a Fremantle player, as she finished an admirable second behind Kiara Bowers in the Fairest and Best. With blistering pace, Cain thrived on the wing – turning what had been a weak area for Fremantle into a strength.

Obviously we already have Joanne Doonan (ex-AFLW with Fark Carlton) in our VFLW team. Now I’m wondering if the rule that says the expansion clubs can grab anyone who has previously nominated for a AFLW draft also applies to ex-AFLW players who otherwise got onto a list… would be typical AwFuL governance if it didn’t.

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Below is a bit of AFLW, a bit of VFLW. Scary bit was suggesting the new AFLW coach might learn something from the men’s team(s).

Includes re-committment to winning the VFLW premiership even though that overlaps the AFLW pre-season. I don’t think we’ll be playing a Prespakis, but we’re apparently not going to pull anyone out.

In 80 minutes…

She broke her record set last week by 10!

19yo – likely nominated for the AFLW draft last year?

Which of the four new clubs will pull the trigger?

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Averaging 36 disposals (think of that as 54 in a 120 minute game)…

EDIT: ignore the above. Already on the Geelong list, ya nuffie.

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Hawthorn has signed their VFLW listed player (from the NT) Dom Carbone to their AFLW list.

Not a surprise. Their top disposal player and regularly kicking goals too.