Our first AFLW squad: finalised, 30 + 3 top-ups

Depends how many/who we poach!

Total guess: poach 10, take 5 Cannons/Pioneers before the draft, upgrade 10 VFLW, draft 5 (2 of which will be top 8 picks).

I have no issues abandon watching the men since they dont give a fck and instead will watch the AFLW side

One thing you can guarantee is the girls will give 100% every week

He’s your problem now @theDJR


Cant eait til David J Richardson is engulfed by casuals next season.

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He’ll probably be like one of those pretentious muso types who only likes bands when they’re not popular and abandon them if they get any traction :sweat_smile:

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Hopefully the AFLW team take guidance from the last 25% of their league name, and not the other 75%…

Unrelated reminder (and noting that, of course, the AFL are yet to publish the full rules):

  • The four expansion clubs will be able to sign up to 14 current AFLW players in a special 'expansion signing period’ [i.e. POACHING]
  • Open-age signings: players who have previously nominated for the NAB AFLW Draft and aren’t on a list [e.g. Georgia Nanscawen]
  • Under-18 talent from their NGA region. There will be a limit on this category, which is yet to be determined [e.g. the likes of Sutton, McDonald, Di Donato, Williams, Manfre – but probably not Orritt Asciak, who is oddly on our VFLW list but not a Calder or Bendigo player]
  • NAB AFLW Draft [we will randomly have 2 of the first 8 picks; if Sydney don’t get #1 and #2, be astonished :wink: – however, as draft hopefuls can nominate the state they want to go to, we are very likely to get 2 of the best 4 Victorians]
  • Sign and trade period: following the expansion signing period. Expansion clubs cannot on-trade players they have signed through other mechanisms [could use one of those top 8 picks??? While not officially confirmed, it seems we can’t poach players drafted last year (e.g. Georgie Prespakis) but could trade for her?]

So no exclusive access to our VFLW players. But the bulk of them have nominated for an AFLW draft at some point, so if we want them and they want us, it will get done. Sign Marshall already.


It’ll be interesting to see how this ‘random’ process works. Surely the obvious thing would be to have a lottery and for club A to have pick 1 and 8, club B to have 2 and 7, etc - but as you say, there’s no space in that system for the AFL to give Sydney a leg-up so I’m sure it’ll happen some other way.


Can’t do something as simple as how fantasy drafts have worked for decades. The AFL has to be clever

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We have some talented vfl girls hope we pick a few up

No idea if credible, but BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.




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Well if we cant have Georgia, can we go and raid FC again and get Egan?

Now that I posted the rules above, I want my 11 more POACHINGS!

(assuming quality to #14, of course)

Going back to the wrong-coloured stripe, apparently. That will require a trade or going to the draft, though.

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Are we likely to get pick 1 in the draft Ella Roberts looks really good (WA )

I guess there’s a 1 in 4 chance?