Our first AFLW squad: finalised, 30 + 3 top-ups

Can’t go after Georgie Prespakis this season as she was only drafted last year. Something about a 2 year window for draftees

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I thought Tegan retired from AFLW? She just plays basketball in the Big V competition.

When do we start announcing our Irish imports?

She “retired” after being replaced on the Melbourne list by Tayla Harris, then at the last minute came out of retirement and nominated for the draft.

By nominating for that last draft and not being picked up, it gave Hawthorn (her current VFLW side) the chance to sign her directly - they haven’t yet, which means we could swoop in like the Swans did to a couple of Hawks already.

Cunningham played for the Hawks on Saturday after returning from holidays in the USA, and went okay.


I only know her from basketball and she’s pretty darn good at that, so lets pick her up, why not.

There’s one in our VFLW side now if you can’t wait for aflw signings :sunglasses:


And she lives in my suburb - I should buy her a coffee/brunch one day.


2023 then! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It’s awesome to see we are taking the VFLW and AFLW programs seriously - can’t wait for the next season!

Last I heard Patrikios was unvaxxed. She didn’t play at all this season, presumably for that reason.


requesting a trade to wce?

Seems you’re right, see link below. Makes it even more unlikely for her to leave St. Kilda if they’ve been actually supportive of her decision. Essendon is probably reluctant to go after her for that reason too, anyways.

She’s clearly stupid enough to sign for our club


i’d rather see us draft one. we’re at the point now where incoming draftees have had an unbroken run from juniors up to now.

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Meanwhile, over at Fark Carlton…

Like I told my Blues mate at SEN, we didn’t steal from you, we came and burnt your house down just for fun.

Stevens and Egan might not be headed to us, but damn it’s funny watching all these players leave after Fark Carlton reappointed their coach for two more years :rofl:


there are some very interesting comments about the relationship he has with some of his players. Not sure he should have been reappointed for the two years.

Whispers getting stronger that we’ve signed Norf’s Kaitlyn Ashmore.


But her mum “promised” it this week!!!

(Per the EFC tweet saying “we’ve had a big week” I expect a delay before the next ANNOUNCEMENT.)

OK. New week, new ANNOUNCEMENTS.

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I’m set for it. I’m finally getting onboard with it now we have a team. Also the VFW team having so much success this year has made it good to follow. Plus the news on the new signing has been deluxe.


How many of the all-conquering VFLW team are expected to get promotions?