Our real 150th anniversary is now - 7/06/1873 is our birthday - and now we have a marquee match to celebrate it!

The Essendon Football Club’s first recorded game took place on 7 June 1873 against a Carlton Second 20 - and we Farked Carlton!

I kinda wish that this was the official 150th anniversary match, and with this fixture becoming our new marquee Kings Birthday Eve match, I think we should just call it Essendon’s Birthday :slight_smile: :birthday:

Some doubt exists as to precisely when the Essendon Football Club came into being, with 1871, '72 and '73 all being suggested as possible starting dates. What can not be doubted, however, is the immense, indeed almost unequalled, contribution made by Essendon over the years to the sport of Australian football both within and beyond the state of Victoria.

Equally, there seems little doubt that, whatever the exact date of its formation, the club’s first official fixture took place on 7 June 1873 against Carlton’s second twenty, Essendon achieving victory by the only goal.

When Essendon began

Carlton v Essendon, 1909, MCG


Great start for a match day thread




Behinds weren’t around until 1878. And even then, they didn’t count in the score until 1896 to limit drawn matches.


Also just realised that drawing is for 1909. lol.

Full game of footy played.
We won by kicking the only goal of the game.
Pretty close to an Essington performance…

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Let’s not revel in the past, like our navy and white opponents.
Let’s bury these bastards.

I want to beat Fark Carlton so ■■■■■■■ much

And Collingwood

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