Our senior team is butter soft


We are so far behind teams who are just outside the 8 it is scary. This season is just like 2010, so we’ve come a full circle in 8 years and in that time didnt bottom out and didnt win a final.

It’s in our culture now, only someone ruthless can clean this mess up and currently there is no one in the football department or above them who has the balls to do it. It will be another good few years before we are challenging again.


Except Rosso,

Adelaide 8th
Port 9th
Hawthorn 10th
GWS 11 th
Bombers 12th

We beat three of those teams, so what are you talking about ?


I can’t ever even imagine one of those two taking a guy out. So if you actually look at the list and who you would want to tackle or bump to destroy someone we have no one. Belly occasionally enjoys a little niggle, but I’ve never seen him tackle to hurt.
It’s just funny that we have two of the hardest cnts to ever play the game as coaches yet we are reluctant to put any fair body pressure on, as many others have said here previously.


Yep, because one game means everything. Using that logic, we are behind Carlton and Fremantle

Lets look at those teams. Each of them have won a final (multiple times) since we won ours, two of them have actually gone down and then rebuilt quicker than we have done a single rebuild. Adelaide has just been hit hard by injury this year, that’s why they sit further down the ladder


Wow, a dedicated thread for all the real hard men to post in. Great stuff.


Smith leads the comp in tackles
Merritt is ranked 22
Heppell is ranked 42


It’s an embarrassment.


if you don’t like it, why come into the thread and post?


Well I haven’t been in here for some time and assumed it was the “we are soft” thread. You remember the one. Lots of over the top and embarrassing carry on. I questioned the sooking and you guys called me a happy clapper. This one seems more tame. Did the two wins calm a few down? Why the rebadge and start again?


Team is not soft. Mentally fragile at times.


I’m ok with that. I wasn’t ok with the last ‘soft’ thread, which as a supporter I thought was poor.


Think this thread started about 4-5 weeks ago? Was almost running parallel with the other one.

Following the same lines as well, we are mentally weak on and off the field.


I preferred your Sri Lanka stuff in the travel thread Ross to the last ‘soft’ thread.


I don’t think i have ever called anyone a happy clapper tbh. I can’t stand all that gloomer and happy clapper garbage. We are all just passionate- and that comes through in many forms

As a football club we are soft imo. We always look for the easy simple fix. Never seem to want to take chances just in case it backfires


We are soft across the board. Since the Saga we are so worried about ‘the brand’, ‘getting back respect’ and ‘showing the competition that we are genuine about making amends’

That we have forgotten the core business of football. If a bloke leaves himself open and you can bump him and hurt him, thats what you do. Can’t play football gasping for air.

As Crawf said on the podcast yesterday, you want to make getting the ball as unplesant as possible, make it hurt as much as possible.


agree. I swear we are the only team i have seen who play that stupid “Respect” video at games. How about you let us be supporters and don’t tell us how to behave. This isn’t Kindergarten


Not everyone is perfect, not everyone shares the same opinion, some choose to never see the bad, some only choose to see the bad. Some swear a lot, some go over the top, some are very good footy brains and some make real good points

It’s all part of a forum. It’s just a opinion. That’s it


Hardest runner / tackler came from to us from GWS this year…


I’m pretty sure none of them have broken their back plus their arm(s) 13 times, so yeah I’m going with soft.

Hell, even Mark Harvey didn’t have a record like that…


There’s a difference?