Our senior team is butter soft

■■■■ weak, bruise adverse, melted margarine, orange Capri pant wearing disgraces to the gurnsey.

Nice guys finish last

We have no enforcers

Where is this teams Natrat, Mark Johnson, Dean Soloman, Billy Duckworth, Ron Andrews?

Instead we have ■■■■■■■ posers

Spiritless, yellow, cowards


This man speaks for me.

Matthew Lloyd would have run of the line and ■■■■■■■ hammered people by now


Myers gave the ‘up yours’ signal once. Does that count?


Do any other clubs do this. Does the league have enforcers in it?

We need to be way harder in the contest, but the years of whacking blokes is well and truly over.


Yeah nah. You seem obsessed with this concept this weekend. But their heads are so full of confusing messages that they don’t have time for anything else.

I agree with your thoughts Ben but did we need another thread? This was discussed last week.

Just made a long post about it in the sack worsfold thread.

Never seen a collective of senior guys simply down tools as much as this lot.

Majority of them are just rocking up for a pay check and couldn’t give a stuff about being successful.

Until every single one of them is gone we won’t have success. When they got accept with the tweet that Xavier put out, that should of been the final straw last year. They seem to think the are immune to criticism since the saga.

They disgust me


I posted this literally 2-3 weeks ago…

Paul Barnard, Mark Johnson, Dean Solomon, Jason Johnson, Dean Wallis, Gary Moorcroft. Damian Hardwick

These guys were not the most talented players in our last premiership, they probably wouldn’t have made the top 5, but without them, we wouldn’t have won it.



But agree 100%.

Though we already have a thread for how soft we are. However we are so soft it is worth having 2 threads on it


I don’t agree we need to clear them all out…

We need to recruit a couple of great midfielders who are strong leaders and not guys “looking for more opportunity”. Our players can and will step up when they are led onfield by strong leaders who come from outside the club and have no association to the saga or its excuses.

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What’s worrying is that whole those guys aren’t the most talented, they are more talented than a few in our best 22


I agree. But the issue is we need new leaders to replace the ones we have now. You can’t bring in new guys who want to lead but they have to fall behind our terrible leadership group


What beautiful footage.


It does warm your heart to see this from a legend of the club…who on out current list has this in them?

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So many things about this clip make me sad nowadays.


I don’t think they’re soft.

They just don’t give a sht,

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They are mentally soft

How fkn big does Lloyd look, forgot how imposing his body got to in the early-mid 00’s.