Outcomes from the 2019 GF

Would you move Darcy Moore back to the forward line?

He should have been moved forward in the last 5 minutes to provide a marking target. It looked like Ben Reid was going to win the game for the Pies when he marked the kick from Moore, but kicked like a bostard.

I’d definitely try it again. He’s a special type of player who has fantastic agility & speed for his size & could become a very hard to match forward. He was tracking ok a few years back as a forward but didn’t look anywhere near as comfortable in his body until now. The other issue is that they don’t really have a replacement for him down back. Roughead could play on most big forwards but after that its thin pickings. I assume Dunn is done! Scharenberg is the one they hoped would come on but he’s not there yet & may be a bit undersized, If they can find another tall back then I would throw Moore forward next season - he’s potentially exactly what they are missing.

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Hope they belt the living daylights out of eachother and you see Gillon crying in the stands like a ■■■■■.

I agree with him, but there is no way I’m liking a tweet from him.