Outcomes from the 2019 GF

So it is Richmond vs GWS for this year’s flag.

What is your preferred outcome?

  • The team given an armchair ride by the AFL with this year’s most favourable H&A fixture
  • The team considered one of the AFL’s “love children” with so many high-end draft picks it compromised the draft for years (and still is via trades etc)
  • Couldn’t give a rat’s and will be doing something else that day
  • Fark Gil and the AFL

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Lol Collingwood


Save Degoey for the grand final they said :joy::joy:


De Goey = De Gloomy.

Ok, l said that first in another thread but it still applies here.

This is what a pie nuffie said on Nick’s:
On what we witnessed today, you’d give back Treloar, WHE, Adams and Beams to trade in a quality big forward.

Both the winners of the PF’s had superior big forwards in Lynch & Cameron.

This is why we need to keep Joe D at all costs.


I just want to see what Toby Greene does in a GF. Hopefully he sparks a 1985 GF style brawl. Been a while since there’s been a good old-fashioned dust-up in a GF. AFL trying to sanitise the game, who cares in Grand Finals? TG will be one bloke who wouldn’t give a ■■■■ about if he was suspended for half of next season.


Hope he accepts the medal with Cotchin’s eye still attached to his finger


There’s a dark side to you Rosso that I’m warming to.


My prediction: Sin bin to be introduced in 2020 due to Mummy going bang!

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Anyone who goes for Richmond next Saturday is a bum.


I’d be expecting Mummy to be the one starting the brawl, he won’t have to worry about missing weeks next year.

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While you wouldn’t give them all away for KPF, you probably would trade one. The rest of the post l agree with. The Pies lacked a marking/goal kicking target such as a Cameron or Lynch. Mihocek was WOG and had no impact all day. This is one of the main reasons why we need a fit and firing Joey D in the forward line.

Beams is the one that hurt them & hopefully continues to. After the finals last year it was obvious that their form relied heavily on Cox having an impact forward & they had tall issues down back so giving up 2 x 1st round picks for another mid who then has barely played is a big reason why they aren’t going 1 step further. They managed to find a bargain in Roughead but still desperately need a tall forward. Reid was a decent defender in his day but only even a pinch hitter forward so you can see how desperate they were picking him in the PF.

If I was in charge of their list I’d be looking for somebody like Bruce (if the talk is true) who could be a very good target for them. If it means trading out players like Elliot, Sier or maybe even someone like WHE who aren’t absolute vital cogs its still their best chance of a flag in the short term. Pendlebury is 32 the start of next year.



Really hurt by (of all people) Mason Cox going down.

Given the weather, I’m not sure how useful Cox would have been. IMO De Goey would have been a far better option.

He doesn’t kick a ton of goals but he does provide a focal point, and draw any extra defenders, helps to give their mid-sizes one-out contests.

The forward line they picked was already almost exclusively mid-sized guys, not sure swapping (eg) De Goey in for WHE would have made much difference.

Ironically enough, while a massive GF day brawl with Mumford and Greene going ham and eyeballs flying everywhere is exactly the kind of spectacle the AFL has been dreading for 20 years, it’d be the best thing that could ever happen to GWS as a club.

People CARE about GWS now. Hate is emotional involvement, and emotional involvement is the bedrock of football. After Greene’s bout of eye-poking, Dogs fans despise them with a burning passion. And having someone who really, really hates you is the first step to having a rivalry which is a big stride down the road to being a club rather than just a franchise.


I hope Mummy does bang, gets the Norm Smith, then after the game takes Dusty’s victory stash (allegedly).

Plagiarist bum

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I will support GWS because I love Sheeds, and he told me to support them.