Overrated/Underrated Sitcoms and the science of comedy

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Friends, MASH, Married with Children.

Do you mark Fawlty Towers down because it never had to back it up for season after season?


No. Fawlty Towers deserves increased acclaim for NOT trying to farm the golden eggs.


Married with children doesn’t get as nearly as much love as it should, was so different from everything else on tv- and so well written and funny

Comedy as a whole is pretty much dead, people just get too offended by anything these days.


I think the best of British humour is better than best of US



This is almost merging into the tv show thread.

But I loved the “Inbetweeners” and “fresh meat”

“Big Bang theory” - liked initally but when it became mainstream, i lost interest and didn’t even watch the last few seasons.

Never got the wide audience appeal of Everybody Loves Raymond and the Big Bag Theory. Reckon both are crap.

All time favs are Seinfeld and Simpsons.

Of more recent comedies, Always Sunny, Curb and Workaholics

Underrated: Peep Show

One of the best TV comedies ever made for mine.


When I first went to see Randy Feltface I was in tears of laughter for…a whole lot of the gig.
His self-service check-out bit, with the barely contained rage, has something in common with Fawlty Towers.
I don’t what it is about confusion and exasperation and barely contained rage in someone else that I find so funny…

Anyway, I don’t agree that comedy is dead in any way.
From ten to fifteen years ago, I found the online team of Cracked/Those Aren’t Muskets, very, very funny.

And again with the barely contained rage…


Married with Children always had great punchlines.

All in the Family can’t be shown to TV anymore. Very funny. But rude.

Curb your enthusiasm is comfort food.


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is the best written comedy of the past 10-15 years. Which isn’t saying much.


No, it absolutely isn’t. Global comedy festivals are as big as ever. Production companies are still putting up big money for TV/movie comedies.

Is it different from 30 years ago? Sure. But it’s still very much alive and well.

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Have no idea if it is underrated but Arrested Development is the best comedy show of all time.


What is the best comedy movie in the past 5 years???

What is the best comedy TV show that started in the last 5 years???

Underrated: The Simpsons.

Overrated seinfeld


Derry Girls debuted 4th January, 2018, so if you’ll allow me just a little bit of leeway there…


On my list of shows to watch. Have to get round to it soon

Does Ted count as comedy?

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The talks or the show about soccer?