Paddy "Pack Crusher" Ambrose

Thought he looked angry and aggressive up forward in the last quarter. We need more of that. He’s a big unit and maybe he could he replace Jake for the next few weeks?

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Started his career as a forward and was pretty underwhelming

I think he’s come a long way in the last 5 years though. Belongs now.

Minimum he has a dip. In those conditions just having a battering ram up there who you can dump the ball to and provide a contest is what you need. I dare say he will stay in defence. Brown won’t be too far away so you’d think it will be a Smack/Brown key fwd tandem…

Brown got injured in the 2s apparently.

In the side yes but I just dont think he has enough “attack” in him (scoreboard wise)
I think as a mid game move he can add value at times but not a full time forward

HAHAHAHA!!! Of course he did!

Go the torp