Panic Dollars 2019: Who wants to be a Blitzcoin millionaire? (Redbull wins option to get bucket hat!)

Yep, I’m keen to go in again too.

Thanks for stepping up again Colonel.

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Il be in

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I’ll have to this year. Missed the boat last time, but looked fun.

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aw, nah, yea, gaaarn.

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I’m in, thanks.

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and @efc1robbo trauma your own ■■■■ players don’t follow mine.

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so your saying i should trauma Mckenna?

Yep in

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I’m in. Thanks KFC

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Where’s the odds? Where’s the odds???

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I think we need a weekly “Where’s the Odds” thread.


There will be rates and bonus payments for R1 game posted this evening. I would like to see an injury report from the Club, but if it does not drop I will post rates anyway.

I will post bonus payments for at least first 5 rounds - so anyone taking a trauma lock will know what else is available during their lock period.

I will also document the rules and post them.


I’ll play again thanks.

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Injury report released two minutes ago and still no odds.

Disgraceful. Unacceptable.


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Panic me up Ridley!!! (To be confirmed once odds are released).

OK here we go.

Round 1 Nervous Rates …

This is the simplest option. You have $100 to start, you invest it in a player or split it over a couple of players. If they play you get a return of $100 x the nervous rate. So if Ridley plays you will get a return of $100 x 40% = $40, so you will now have $140.

If your players do not play, you lose some of your $100 for each player who does not play.

Round 1 - Bonus payments for locks over multiple rounds.

There are 3 lock options as follows -
Anxiety is a 2 week lock, Stress is a 3 week lock, and Trauma is a 5 week lock. Your players have to play every game in the lock period. If they play you get bonus payments as shown in table below …


However there is also a bonus reduction factor that applies depending on the average weekly nervous rate of the player over the lock period - as shown in this table.


So if @barnz wants to Trauma McKenna for the first 5 rounds. He will get a 10% return for each of the rounds McKenna plays, and a bonus payment on top of that if McKenna plays all the first 5 rounds.
If McKenna’s average weekly nervous rate is 25%, then the bonus Trauma payment after R5 will be $1,461 x 90% = $1,315.

Additional Bonuses and Jackpots …
From Round 1 we will also be starting the Best Players bonuses (if your player(s) get named in the best players, and Win Jackpot - for games EFC wins. There are more details for how these work in the First Post (press home to see the OP).

Bonus Payments for Coming Rounds
For those interested …

trauma lav

Stress Ridler! Thanks legend!

$30 Trauma Hurley
$30 Trauma Mcgrath
$30 Stress Ridley

Welcome new Gamer. However, there is a line in one of the tables that says the max no of players that you can take out locks on. For Trauma it is only 1 player, For Stress and Anxiety it is 2 players.