Panic Dollars 2019: Who wants to be a Blitzcoin millionaire?


Plus @frankston_bomber2005 @hambo @benny-phone @theDJR

Question: Are @benny-phone and @benny the same person or different ?


Please stress a pineapple on Franga and whack the other pineapple on Riddles.



50% Ridley + 50% Parish for me please Colonel. Edit: STRESS


Pineapple stress Riddles and Brown pls.


Laverde 50%
Ridley 50%


Are these both Stress?


I don’t think anyone has gone the anxiety strategy yet, so I might start with that and see how I go.

$50 Anxiety on Brown
$50 Anxiety on Ridley


Is there a table for how much the different locks pay out round by round?


Hey @Kay_Eff_See

Both @Klawdy and @nhanlon have stressed the one player.

Can you remind me how you deal with that. Do you automatically put two 50% stresses on the same player, or do you run with the one 100% stress?


Just Franga please chief.


1 x 100% stress = 1 bonus payout.


Amend to 50% stress Ridley and 50% stress Parish


Yes. At the bottom of post 35 where the R1 Nervous rates are, there is a table showing bonus payments for the first 5 rounds. The PC I am on now doesn’t have that table so I can’t upload it again right now.


trauma Ridley please @Kay_Eff_See


benny-phone and benny are the same person.


Trauma Shiel please.


Stress Ridley 50
Trauma smack 50


If you take a trauma option that uses all your money. So you cannot do anything else but Trauma 1 player. You can do 2 x stress or anxiety though.


Okay, got ya

Stress Ridley and Ambrose thanks, 50 each


For the game:


Real life:
Absolute panic: JOEDAN and Cales’s calves