Panic Dollars 2019: Who wants to be a Blitzcoin millionaire?


Now tell me Colonel, I think I keep making a wrong assumption that bigger risks should earn higher rewards…

How much difference is the return on a Trauma lock on Guelfi vs Heppell?

If there isn’t much difference, why not?


Did I forget to bet last round?

Stress smack and parish 50/50 thanks


Been on the bush chooks this afternoon, WOB?


Trauma does not rely on the rates posted. It is a flat 10% regardless of which player you choose. As such if you are going the trauma option it does not matter which player you pick.

In fact, because you get access to best player bonuses you are likely to be better off taking the most reliable player.


Stress Hooker and Parish 50/50 thanks mate.


Unfortunately, no

I thought because I locked in players for 2 weeks I couldn’t bet again till round 3


You are already locked in on Ridley until the end of R3. Cya next week.


They both get paid 10% per match they play.
The bonus at the end depends on the average nervous rate for each over the period. For new trauma locks this week the payments in 5 weeks if successful are shown in Trauma column of table below -



No. You were correct - you locked in players under Stress from R1 which lasts for 3 matches. So you cannot change until after R3 is completed.


You are also locked in until after R3, you took a stress lock in R1.


Confirming only @samwoods and @dingus can change their investments this round - and they have done so. Everyone else cool your jets until after R3.


Oh, I thought I only took the 2 week option. Oops. My bad.

It’s a date. :+1:


Win Jackpot is applicable !!!

Best players from AFL site:
Essendon: Heppell, Shiel, McDonald-Tipungwuti, Zaharakis, Stringer, Fantasia.

Parish very stiff not to be named in bests I think.

Brown out was a disaster for some Gamers. Of the 38 locks currently in place, 23 (61%) have failed.

Revised Standings after R3 (including win jackpot and best player bonuses) are:

@efc1robbo has jumped to a big lead being the only Gamer to get 2 stress payments this week.


Tonight just keeps getting better and better and better!


Selection next week is going to be intriguing.


Here are the full calculations after R3 glorious victory.



Here are Nervous Rates and Bonus Payments for R4 v Brisbane.

I have combined the 2 bonus payment tables this week. Please ask if you don’t understand what it means.

Should be a bit more action this week with all the Stress investors from R1 having free funds again.


Trauma Ridley. Thanks Colonel.


Trauma: Heppell.



Stress Parish and Guelfi please.