Panic Dollars Game 2018 Results: Blitzcoin millionaire Skip27 wins from Nod and Benny

You can re-Trauma him every 5 weeks if you wish.

Suggest you just start, you will pick it up quickly.

Part of the problem is the more I explain all the differences in strategies, the more difficult the game appears. But it really is fairly simple to play. You always get to choose whether you play safer, or risk taking more exotic strategies chasing bigger returns.

Yeah I’ll have a lash if there is a spot left. Like a few others I have no idea but sounds like fun

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I’m in. will this take me more or less time than supercoach?

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Waaaay, waaaay, waaaay more time.

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Good grief. Between this, SC classic, SC draft, Ultimate Footy and footy tipping it looks like my divorce proceedings should be starting in about mid-April


Sign me up for that now.

It’s up to you. You can lock Joe Daniher in for 5 weeks and then sit back and do nothing for next 4 rounds except weekly sacrifice of a small animal to the injury protection gods.

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I still really really really think it should be reversed. As in, you put your panic dollars on who you’re panicking about.

I get your reasoning KFC but I really don’t think losers like us who are that die hard that they have hundreds if not thousands of posts accumulated on an Essendon forum will be relishing injuries/omissions because they get fake dollars in a fake game on the country’s biggest single team fan forum ©

Huh? You’re not relishing injuries/omissions, unless it screws one of your competitors.

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Yeah the game seems fine, but it less panic dollars and more Essendon player investment.

In which case am I able to short Jayden Laverde?

So we win when essendon gets the hammy epidemic of 2012?

It’s not just the hoping for injuries. If betting on exclusions you would get Gamers locking in Mynott to not get a game in the next 5 weeks - where is the excitement in that? Looking at the VFL thread hoping to read how he didn’t get a kick so is unlikely to get a call up any time soon. Fun times.

I think there is also a difference between what Blitzers write in posts and what choices they make when they have to put their coin on the line (even imaginary coin). For example in a lot of games last year I could push Francis out to $25 or $30 (i.e. 250-300% return in a week!) and still get no-one who wanted to invest at that rate. So a lot of the “bring him in” advocacy in various players’ threads is not carried through to this game.

No shorting. You will be able to invest in Laverde to play JLT1 at a very attractive 10,000% return though.

Of course they differ. One because blitz is often used as an outlet for frustrations that is a result of simple short term emotional outbursts (anger, frustration, sadness) and two because a game like this is more long term strategy/investment and isn’t likely to attract many of the people who, for example, rage in a game day thread and then disappear.

And I wasn’t actually suggesting you should reverse it, which admittedly Peeto was, I was just thinking that calling in panic dollars is a misnomer given the way that term was used around here. It would be like creating a game called “SEA levels” and then making that game revolve around supporters being humble when we are winning.

But I wasn’t really being all that serious about it. Laverde was a joke, although I do appreciate the great opportunity he represents :joy:

Should be called. I hope the wheels don’t fall off game.

Advice for newbies. Don’t let Woosh suck you in when he talks a player up early in the week. He got me too many times last year.


I am in again, although I am pretty bad at this game.

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Great to see you’re running this again, I missed out on it last year.

Please count me in, but I would like to protest against the ban on shorting.

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Exactly, I thought the whole metaphor behind panic dollars was that your fears were realised. Panicking over nothing (i.e. the player is fine and ends up playing) is how you lose. It’s a cynicism-based game.

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