Patrick pulls the pin?

Say it isn’t so? Was behind a paywall on The Australian. Double happiness Christmas present?

Hopefully it’s stuck in his eye


He’s just a bit crook so not going to play 7 a side B.S.

Once you pull the pin, Patrick, make sure you allow the handle to fly off and then hold the grenade tightly to your chest…


Who the fk reads the Australian?

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The greedy.

I do. Well the weekend one at least. Not the Smith articles. I think it gives me good broad coverage of the news.



This is old news. Happened about a month ago.

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Where’s the Heath Hocking option?

As always yaco is first with the news that he knew before anyone else


Please, please, pretty please, be true. He and SWMNBN gone in the same couple of weeks time span. Almost too good to be true. An early Christmas present.

Memo to Fatprick: finish your last articles and ■■■■ off.

It was reported in the media weeks ago - Smith has been on radio shows - Little I can if you live under a rock.

End of the year keeps getting better and better


Who gets to be the lucky one to pull his plug

He’s special, you know?

We could make a swag for the club if there was an auction…

Some of us live offshore or interstate champ, not always across every bit of Melbourne news…

Try asking him for a link or copy of the story where it was published

Be still, my beating heart.