PC and SJW Cringe Examples



I love that an Asian Announcer is being associated with a Confederate General. Hilarious.


The second one is a troll surely.

I reckon someone has started that campaign to take the ■■■■.

Cool thread. Kinda like a Brietbart comments section.


People posting articles about Political Correctness gone mad is a Brietbart thread?

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He probably thinks you are a nazi.


I imagine he hasn’t bothered to read the articles and has therefore missed the point completely. Which sort of backs up the OP perfectly.

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Fox News, .Hanson, Breitbart, take your pick. They’ve all been campaigning against “Political Correctness” and SJW’s forever.

SJW is an invented derogatory term for people that protest for well, … Social Justice.

May as well have just called it the Alt Right thread and been done with it

Avatar might be just a bit of a give up,…

There are tons of instances of misguided political correctness that make me cringe. The list does get bigger every day. Something that also gets bigger everyday, is the ‘look-away’ crowd who would rather spend their time making fun of people than actually doing something worthwhile and good to help those who need it and struggle to help themselves. I know on which side of the line I’d rather err.


Every term is an invented term, it’s what we do as humans, make names for people, especially those who we deem to be silly or below us. Sort of like when you go after Christians, calling them God-botherers or like terms, instead of just saying Christian.

Real Christians are SJW’s.

Christian: someone who believes in Christ and his teachings.
SJW: someone who fights against what they perceive is social injustice.

Can’t see anything wrong with those, providing they aren’t hurting anyone.

No they are not. They may be socially aware and more caring but they should never be a SJW.

That’s what the articles show, that’s the point of the thread… Did you actually read them? or did you see BSD was in yet another argument and needed to join in.

Yes, they are so.

That’s exactly what they are,… they campaign for Social Justice, . which is what the Alt Right call SJW’s, … like it’s somehow a bad thing.

It’s exactly what Jesus was, …a Warrior for Social Justice.

If you are not one, … you’re doing “Christian” wrong.

With regards to your original post - I agree that it’s pretty ridiculous, for whatever my opinion counts.

I dislike the mocking term ‘SJW’, because as BSD says, it was created as a mechanism to attack those striving for social justice - as if that were a bad thing. Today, the term is a derogative. People who talk ■■■■ should be mocked. Not people who care about others’ welfare.

There’s some good meltdowns on YouTube.

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You really have no idea what you are talking about.

Social Justice people care about others, SJW’s care only for a cause, even if it hurts people. That is the point.

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This thread won’t last.