Pell and other allegations

No and No.
If you enjoy watching/listening to a person who dominates conversations, insults his interlocutors, has a foul mouth and clearly disrespects almost every other person in the world who is not called Russel Brand, you might find him funny.

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Britain’s Dave Hughes in many regards…not the sexual accusations AFAIK.

If guilty and gets porridge then there’s a Hammers season ticket up for sale.His not hers.

Nahh, Dave Hughes (from my understanding) is held in fairly high regard among many Australian comics. I’m not really a fan of his work either, but comedy is subjective, and I can respect that he’s earned a certain level of prestige.

Russell Brand has not done that among his UK counterparts.

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Difference is…there are a lot of Australian comics who are funny (not all, of course). I suspect it is the latter who find him funny. And I mark down Ed Kavalee on HYBPA because he works with him.

He’s in that group of “celebrities”, that if I see him, or hear him, I change channels. Absolutely cannot stand him.

The only time I found him acceptable was that night on After the Game on Ten, that we pumped them and that show was full of fark Carlton fans like Sam Lane, and Tim Lane and Walls had commentated. Hughes apparently walked back from the G along the river, kicking dogs as he went.

And he’s a cooker.

Another day, another bishop named for kiddy fiddling. This one subject of his own investigation by the Vatican. Lots more to come.

100%. His “humour” consists of behaving like a ■■■■ to everyone he meets. He does it well because it comes naturally to him.

Vatican has supposedly had the report since April and yet have not acted on it in any way.


Didn’t they move the report to another religion like the Eastern Orthodox lot?

I think that was his schtick.

Good looking*, apparently intelligent*, dresses like a try hard Jim Morrison but would always disguise his sleaze as comedy.

I’d like to say he deserves the benefit of the doubt, but there’s multiple victims that have been forced to come forward.

Never found him funny at all.

What the ■■■■ was Katy Perry thinking?

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Definitely time for a thread title change or maybe a new one .

About the West Ham undies? She loved them.
About her ex? Apparently she has secrets that she has kept for Justin.

100%. His comedy is bottom rung. Another one of these ■■■■■■■■■ that thinks the DVD they bought from the reject shop on Hitler/Ancient Aliens/Peruvian calendars makes him an intellectual.

I’ve met toxic ■■■■■■■■ like him in my life and had bad vibes on his style a long time ago. Can’t say I’m surprised all this stuff is coming out. Will be interesting to see if it sticks.

brendon burns voice
of course he’s a rapist! he’s wearing the uniform!

She was thinking, “Hmmm, I got someone to write me a song about pashing another chick even though I’m straight and that made me famous. And this guy’s hot and really famous and getting with him will make me more famous and check the UK box.” Trashy goes with trashy


Ol Musky coming out in support…

Andrew Tate to apparently…

Not sure it helps his case

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This thread has gone off-topic. It’s meant to be about the Catholic Church innit?


Yes slightly off topic, but I believe that one of the Brand allegations might have involved pedo acts with a minor. I think that is covered by “other allegations”
If that’s a problem, we can start a “Sex Abuse and other Violence” Thread if you like.