Pell and other allegations

Good old pope and his gang sitting on a report. Aussies Catholic church in deep pooh again.

Let’s not create another one that we have to mod. Let’s keep it all in here.


I personally like that it stays as a homage to Pell. It’s more than fitting.


Yep, he’s being given the level of respect he rightfully deserves.

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I was not seriously proposing a thread with that title.

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Another related ABC article.

"The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference has described sexual misconduct allegations against a prominent WA church leader as “deeply distressing.”
Deeply distressing for whom, the church’s image or the victims? I am thinking the former.

I also found this passage ambiguous.
“The slowness and lack of updates are par for the course in just about every Vos Estis case and just complete silence for months or even years from the Vatican.”
“This is the Vatican reasserting control.”
While it looks on the surface to be a statement about the investigation l took it to mean a statement about maintaining a hold over their parishioners. Yet each time a case this emerges, that control slips a bit more.

The WA Police have already run several investigations, as far back as 2018, and even before that, into Saunders and come up without enough evidence to proceed further. The vatican hire a couple of PI’s and this is report is the result.
Makes you wonder what the cops were doing?


The vegan, tee totaller, country yobbo who’s been with the same bird for 20 odd years? Nearly identical, really.

There’s definitely me-too type allegations going around about at least one pretty big name aus comedian, Hughesy is definitely not one of them.

I’ve heard a rumour about one prominent Australian comedian but, honestly, given the way the comedy circuit has been described…I’d be shocked if there weren’t many.

As funny as Hughesy…and as much a contrarian ■■■■■■■■.

I thought I did say not sexual.

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grubs are everywhere

I’d be surprised to hear of a profession that doesn’t have any

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banking and law are grubs to your face

To return to the topic of George Pell, he had a second cousin called Jemma.

She had a terrible time trying to introduce herself when she was in Paris.


Yeah, fair shout.

Very well done!

She used to travel with her friend May Yarmow in Spain.

I have posted several times that this systemic abuse has always been protected by the pillars of society, whether it be police, the law, the education sector, government, and heaven forbid parents not believing their children - When you have these walls intact then systemic abuse will flourish.