Clifton Hill Hotel 1994-95

Ah, the money I spent on that game…would probably pay off the debt of a minor country :rofl:

Straight from the Punters Club…

I had the same machine.
I beleive an aussie co. Made it. Hankin.
To bge honest , i dont remember what happened to it !

Best machine addams family closely followed by kiss.

Adds family was great, but no autosave could be brutal.

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A mate has an Addams family machine. He bought it when he lived in the USA and brought it back with him.

Our local used to have the Frankenstein game, which was great fun.

Had the new Guns and Roses now for a week and wow! what a game!. This game has blown me away, the artistic direction, 21 GNR songs each with their own light show, really makes you feel like you are at a rock concert.

The ramps and physical locks are guitar necks and heads and looks utterly amazing. Having Slash help design game really shows in the way it integrates into a GNR theme. The call outs are from all the band members and really shines when you have it in adult mode.

Collect all band members by playing through all parts of the PF allows song selection, then it’s on! even has moving spotlights like I said the light show is amazing never seen anything like it on a pinball.

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This is the best thing I have ever bought, just amazing, went to the garage for a couple of games and 4 hours later literally felt like I walked out of a concert.

So many objectives fitting with the genre, collecting patches like bra’s to in crease bonuses, so deep the game, best pinball so far I have played ( And I have played them all )

This game has taken pinball to a new level