Pinball has been around for over a 100 years, not sure what the fascination has been about keeping the silver ball alive, but it’s real.

Just like old cars these babies keep going up in value, any way lashed out on the new GNR pinball, and wow love it



He’s a pinball wizard


Very expensive hobby pinball machine collecting. wish I had the money love pinball

Some of the pinball machines I used to play as a kid can get up 10k

Back in the late 90’s early 00’s you could pick up games dirt cheap, compared to the prices now, which I did

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Yeah ones from the 90s and 2000s would be crazy expensive now

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Games you could get for less than $1000 are now over $5000 and games that were $2000-$4000 are over $10,000

Edit : to add XD Falcons are being sold for over $10,000

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why are pinball machines so expensive?

Nostalgia , grey nomads, maybe COVID people from the era have expendable income, need to set up home game rooms, who knows

Edit supply and demand as well

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So anyone else here have pinball machines ? I know the Vinyl ones?

I’ve got the tabletop arcade game.
I’d love a pinnie, but I can’t justify the cost myself, let alone hoping to get it past the Minister for Finance.


Give me Crystal Caliburn any day

I had the aussie FJ for many years. Clocked it so many times and eventually got sick of it. Don’t tell me what it’s worth now.

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Not really high on the collectible Pin market being an Australian manufacturer (Hankin), but the last few years prices have gone crazy across the board add to that Holden ceasing, what was once a few hundred dollar pin is now worth…that’s right I can’t tell you :slight_smile:

I wish I had this one.


I like this one better and for the same price

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Yeah, I’ve played that one also. It’s a beauty!

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That’s not the GnR pinball?;

Accept no subsitutes


Bring back this pinball:


you can get it, there is also an upgraded version called Pinball Star

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