Player exit meetings

With the dust now settling after the weekend. Any information on player exit meetings?

15 minutes of Worsfold saying nothing, then blurting out everything they should have done with 3 minutes to go.

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Maybe we can have a BBlitz representative at this meeting.

I suggest WOB at all where we want the player to stay, but get a dose of Sandgroper reality, and DKP where we want players and coaches to immediately slash their wrists.

Just re sign everyone. Tell Myers he had a good year. Don’t delist anyone. Play howlett and hocking round 1 next year

Honestly, none of it matters



Cut the returning players no slack. They had the ideal preparation. Consider banishing Joe Daniher from the club for 12 months (maybe he can run with the Bulls?), so he too can have no excuses in 2018.