Player heat maps - use these for arguments

Devon Smith is an extreme right winger


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Regular forwards

Genuine A.Davey CHF


I’m not sure we should be hacking STD clinic databases, there’s following your team and then there’s plain invasion of privacy. Interesting stuff though.

Amazing to see how much ground the forwards cover, where as the defenders predomininately spend 80% of the time in the back 50.

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Are these where they get the ball, or where they dispose of it?

Not sure. It says “possession” not disposal so I’d be inclined to think it’s the former.

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Really? Langford’s map makes me giggle like a school boy. Hehehehe.

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Isn’t it! I was amazed at the ground James Stewart covers. For all of the them there is so many efforts that go unrewarded.

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Pretty telling the maps for the midfielders - every one of them had more possessions in the back half than the front. That’s something that has to change, but is probably consistent with our relatively low number of forward 50 numbers. Personnel will make a difference.

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Even his heat map is laconic

Can you post Parish’s map too.

Stewart has decent wheels and really makes a contest below the knees. Has some Joedan attributes, not surprised he gets up the ground a bit. Nice cheapie!

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My bad.

Wow thats interesting. More centre/defensive.

Yes, but does anyone count possessions as such?
Never seen a stat sheet where possessions != disposals.

Pretty sure kick ins count as a disposal, but not a possession.