Players that Essendon play into form

So maybe his 3 goals against us last year shat me and i havent got over it. Admittedly have not been a massive fan of watching Giants or Power games so have no real clue how his form is.

Ease up champ. Just a bit of fun.

What else can you take out of the game? Wright is scared of Alir. Bryan is scared of [insert opp. Ruckman here]. Everyone is scared of Dixon except Laverde, for the most part. And 80% of the rest of the game gave me little hope for next year.

Except BZT actually looked as composed as I’ve ever seen him. From the couch. 700km away. Dont know him personally but as a keyboard warrior i knight thee tonight.

I think Jack Anthony kicked a few bags on us in his time.

Kent Kingsley
Ben McKinlay
And Matt Taberner - very ordinary player who looks like a world beater against us.

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